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2 Stupid Dogs is an animated cartoon about two dogs, known only as Big Dog and Little Dog, who are both very stupid and constantly get into very sticky situations.

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References to the Brady Bunch[]

  • In the episode "Family Values", the dogs came across The Brady family and were adopted by them. The Bradys were changed in physical appearance. The boys all had blond hair, while the girls had brown and the names were changed to other names that sounded similar to the actual names. Greg was "Craig", Marcia was "Martha", Peter was Kedar, Jan was Jane, Bobby was "Robby", and Cindy was "Mindy". The names of the parents were never revealed. Alice also appeared, being parodied to look very masculine, and was also renamed "Beatrice". The kids would constantly learn a lesson from the events that happened. The lessons that they learned at the end were all references to actual episodes of the series.
    • Mindy learned that Natalie Schaefer likes Shirley Temple, referencing the episode "The Snooperstar".
    • Jane learned not to switch dad's plans for a Yogi Bear poster, referencing the episode "The Cincinnati Kids".
    • Martha learned not to get hit in the face by a football, referencing the episode "The Subject Was Noses".
    • Craig learned not to use fancy hair tonic, referencing the episode "The Hair-Brained Scheme".
    • Kedar learned not to play ball in the house, referencing the episode "Goodbye, Alice, Hello".
    • Robby learned that Jesse James is not a good role model, referencing the episode "Bobby's Hero".