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A Clubhouse Is Not a Home is the sixth episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch, and the sixth overall episode in the series. Written by William Cowley and directed by John Rich, it first aired 31 October 1969 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

When interpersonal relations among the kids reach a low as they try to share everything, Alice thinks she's come up with the perfect solution.


After just a few months of marriage, Mike and Carol are reveling in the harmony that exists within their family, in their words, "paradise." Alice tries to warn them that it will not always be smooth sailing. Indeed, the harmony amongst the kids starts to break down as the differences between the boys and girls start to emerge. Even Mike and Carol are having a difficult time negotiating their own problem of equitable closet space.

Mike issues a household directive: share and share alike. But that directive has an unintended consequence in use of what was the boys' private sanctuary: the clubhouse in the backyard. Beyond the kids, Mike and Carol also have differing opinions on what is equitable in this situation. Mike tries to reason with Carol that men sometimes need a place of their own. Everyone looks to Alice for advice, but she vows to stay neutral, until she devises a possible solution. In the name of gender equality, Carol and the girls attempt to build their own clubhouse. They do a shoddy construction job and Cindy is nearly injured. Mike and the boys rebuild the clubhouse but the boys' clubhouse suddenly collapses because Bobby had pulled out the nails from the boys' clubhouse to finish the girls' clubhouse.


  • This was the second episode filmed.