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A Very Brady Weakest Link

Screenshot of "Brady Bunch" cast episode of NBC-TV's The Weakest Link special

Film/TV series name: A Very Brady Weakest Link
Film/Series type/genre: game show special
Based upon: "The Weakest Link"
Starring: Anne Robinson (host)
Florence Henderson
Barry Williams
Maureen McCormick
Christopher Knight
Eve Plumb
Mike Lookinland
Susan Olsen
Robbie Rist
Production Information
Film.series length: 45 minutes
United States
Date(s) premiered/released: 24 September 2001

The Weakest Link is an American game show hosted by Anne Robinson that ran from 16 April 2001 to 20 May 2003, based on the original British game show of the same name that ran from 2000 to 2012. Eight players answer questions and every round a "weakest link" is voted off the game by other players; the last to remain wins money up to $1,000,000 depending on what the players have banked. The show also had several celebrity specials, where the players played for charities of their choice. In the celebrity editions, the "losers" would still receive $10,000 to $25,000 for their respective charities.

On 24 September 2001, all six original Brady child actors (Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen) appeared together for the first time after fifteen years since appearing on Star Games in 1986 as "Brady Bunch" team, on the Brady Bunch celebrity edition of the game, A Very Brady Weakest Link. Also present was Florence Henderson, and Robbie Rist, the actor of Cousin Oliver during the last six episodes of the Brady Bunch. During the introductions, Rist joked "I hope I don't kill this show too!" (a nod to the common misconception that Cousin Oliver killed The Brady Bunch)

The players' charities were:

  • AMFAR for Maureen McCormick
  • Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance/Sierra Club for Mike Lookinland
  • Zero Population Growth for Christopher Knight
  • Alzheimer's Association for Susan Olsen
  • Laguna Canyon Foundation for Eve Plumb
  • Sisters of St. Benedict in Southern Indiana for Florence Henderson
  • Los Angeles Mission for Robbie Rist
  • Lupus Foundation for Barry Williams
The Weakest Link elimination table
Player/Round Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Final round
Chris Strongest link Weakest link Strongest link Strongest surviving link Game winner
Susan Weakest link Weakest link Runner-up
Florence Strongest link Weakest link Strongest link, eliminated X
Mike Strongest link Weakest link, eliminated X X
Maureen Strongest link Eliminated X X X
Eve Eliminated X X X X
Barry Weakest link, eliminated X X X X X
Robbie Eliminated X X X X X X

Round 1[]

The first round of the game lasted for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and during the time, the players banked $13,000 in 6 chains (from Maureen, Mike, Christopher, Susan, Florence and Robbie).

Player Question Given Answer

Correct Answer

Maureen What part of Pinocchio's body grows longer whenever he tells a lie? The nose
Mike What building houses the chambers of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives? The U.S. Capitol building
Chris In 1990, what TV star outraged baseball fans in San Diego by shrieking the National Anthem? Roseanne Barr Susan - $5,000
Susan In the US board game Scrabble, what letter of the alphabet appears on the most game tiles? A E
Eve What 1999 film features an adopted mouse and a cat named Snowbell? Stuart Little
Florence What food manufacturer was originally called Hawaiian Pineapple Company? Dole Robbie - $2,500
Robbie What singing duo had hits in the 70s with "Close to You" and "Top of the World"? The Carpenters
Barry What armored relative of the ant-eater is the official small state mammal of Texas? Armadillo Maureen - $2,500
Maureen In US history, what was the first name of the first presidential First Lady? Martha Washington Mike - $1,000
Mike Which of Kathie Lee Gifford's children is her daughter, Cody or Cassidy? Cassidy Chris - $1,000
Chris Which popstar published a 1992 book of racy photographs, entitled "Sex"? Hugh Hefner Madonna
Susan What arm of the Atlantic Ocean separates England and France? The Isle of Wight The English Channel
Eve What TV producer wrote the book "Inside Gilligan's Island"?* Sherwood Schwartz Florence - $1,000
Florence In the Dickens' story A Christmas Carol, what is the first name of the character Scrooge? Ebenezer
Robbie By definition, cytology is the study of which basic biological units? (Out of time) Cells

For the voting, Anne Robinson asked: "Whose performance is decidedly ungroovy?"

Player Correct answers Wrong answers
Maureen (strongest link) 2 0
Mike 2 0
Chris 1 1
Susan (weakest) 0 2
Eve 2 0
Florence 2 0
Robbie 1 0
Barry 1 0
The voting table (green indicates deciding, orange counting vote, red elimination)
Player Maureen Mike Chris Susan Eve Florence Robbie Barry
Vote Robbie Chris Robbie Chris Robbie Chris Chris Robbie

In case of a tie, the "strongest link" would have the deciding vote, so Robbie Rist was voted off with Anne Robinson's commentary "You are not going to be allowed to remain and ruin this fine show as you have many, many other shows".

In leaving commentary, Robbie expressed the thought that in this world, smart people probably are not rewarded.

Round 2[]

During the second round, which lasted for 2 minutes and 20 seconds, the players banked $7,500 in 3 chains (Christopher, Eve and Susan)

Player Question Given Answer

Correct Answer

Maureen Which redhead actor left NYPD Blue after gaining fame in the role of Detective John Kelly? - David Caruso
Mike What "S" is the device that tells time by marking where a shadow falls on a calibrated plate? Sundial
Chris What Tom Selleck movie featured three bachelors caring for an infant girl? Three Man and the Baby Susan - $2,500
Susan What former star of "Three's Company" went on to promote the ThighMaster? Suzanne Somers
Eve In the Hans Christian Andersen's story, what bird does the ugly duckling grow up to be? Swan
Florence What five letters end each verse of the song "Old McDonald"? EIEIO
Barry The magazine Highlights for Children includes a cartoon about morally opposite boys named Goofus and whom? Doofus Gallant
Maureen In politics, who was President of the United States when the Brady Bunch first aired? Nixon
Mike In history, Pan Am flight 103 exploded over which Scottish city? Lockerbie Chris - $2,500
Chris Which island in Upper New York Bay served as an immigration reception center, starting in 1892? Ellis Island
Susan What branch of the U.S. Military uses the slogan "The Few and the Proud"? The Marines Eve - $2,500
Eve In movies, which 1998 film starred Brad Pitt as Death? Smegma Meet Joe Black
Florence What household disinfectant sponsors a New York NASCAR race? Lysol
Barry Featuring a picture of blackbird, what is the most successful card game ever published by Parker Brothers? The Crow Rook
Maureen In fashion, what long feathery scarf shares its name with a variety of large-- (Out of time)

The voting question was: "Who has butchered more wrong answers than Sam has meat?"

Player Correct answers Wrong answers
Maureen 1 1
Mike 2 0
Chris (strongest link) 2 0
Susan 2 0
Eve 1 1
Florence 2 0
Barry (weakest) 0 2
The voting table (green indicates deciding, orange counting vote, red elimination)
Player Maureen Mike Chris Susan Eve Florence Barry
Vote Eve Barry Susan Barry Maureen Barry Florence

To Barry voting against her, Florence exclaimed: "I'm never going to date you again!" (A reference to her taking Barry Williams on a date in 1970).

In his leaving commentary, Barry expressed disappointment over Florence voting against him and commented that he'd probably put his money on Susan.

Round 3[]

During the third round lasting 2 minutes and 10 seconds, Christopher Knight banked $1,000 in the only chain of this round.

Player Question Given Answer

Correct Answer

Chris In music, which band had hits with the songs "Shout" and "Sowing the Seeds of Love"? - Tears for Fears
Susan In nature, under which plant is one traditionally to recieve kisses at Christmas time? Mistletoe
Eve In television, what police drama starring Clint Walker replaced the Brady Bunch in 1974? - Kodiak
Florence In movies, "Shakespeare in Love" centered around the production of which Shakespearean play? Romeo and Juliet
Maureen In the British monarchy, who is Prince William's younger brother? - Prince Harry
Mike What line of Kellogg's toasted pastries was first introduced in 1964? Pop Tart Chris - $1,000
Chris Fort Wayne, Indiana was the original hometown for what Detroit NBA team? Pacers Pistons
Susan In comics, Superman's powers can be permanently erased by the gold variety of what mineral? Kryptonite
Eve In history, what American actor shot and killed Abraham Lincoln? Brad Pitt John Wilkes Booth
Florence Which embalmed Egyptians got their names from the Arabic word for "wax"? Mummy
Maureen Which actress, and wife of Ben Stiller, played Marcia in both Brady Bunch movies?* Christine Taylor
Mike The French phrase "haute couture" is associated with which, fashion or cooking? Cooking Fashion
Chris In music, Cheryl James, Sandy Denton and Spinderella form what female rap trio? Destiny's Child Salt-N-Pepa
Susan In finance-- (Out of time)

The voting question was: "Who is more lost than Cindy and Bobby at the Grand Canyon?"

Player Correct answers Wrong answers
Maureen 1 1
Mike 1 1
Chris (weakest) 0 3
Susan 2 0
Eve 0 2
Florence (strongest link) 2 0
The voting table (green indicates deciding, orange counting vote, red elimination)
Player Maureen Mike Chris Susan Eve Florence
Vote Eve Eve Mike Maureen Maureen Eve

In the leaving commentary, Eve expressed the thought that Maureen, Mike and Florence were just afraid that she would be hard to beat in the end and proposed that Chris would be the next to leave, having taken very much time to answer his questions (all incorrectly).

Round 4[]

During the 2-minute round, the players banked $12,500 in 2 chains (Christopher and Mike)

Player Question Given Answer

Correct Answer

Florence In finance, what "N" is the amount of money remaining after all deductions have been made from the gross? Balance Net
Maureen What conservative radio talk show host wrote the book "The Way Things Ought to Be"? Rush Limbaugh
Mike What orange member of the gourd family is carved to during Halloween to make jack-o-lanterns? Pumpkin Chris - $2,500
Chris What breed of Swiss Alpine dog is named for the patron saint of mountain climbers? St. Bernard
Susan In math, what is 900 divided by 2? 450
Florence The Bionic Woman was a spinoff of what series about part-man, part-cyborg? Six Million Dollar Man
Maureen Meaning potty plant, and developed primarily by the Japanese, what is the art of cultivating dwarf trees in pot-size trays? Bonsai Mike - $10,000
Mike What brand of tyres and tennis balls uses a capital "D" as its logo? Dunlop
Chris In music, Angus Young often wears his school uniform for playing guitar for which Australian band? Men at Work AC/DC
Susan What North Carolina city was named for bride of King George III? Mayberry Charlotte
Florence In television, what film and arts network is home to the program "Inside the Actors Studio"? A&E Bravo
Maureen What "F" is a drink measurement equal to the width of the digit on the human hand? - Finger
Mike Which Gillette brand of deodorant uses the slogan "Never Let Them See You Sweat"? Mennen Dry Idea

The voting question was: "Who would lose to Tiger in a battle of wits?"

Player Correct answers Wrong answers
Maureen 2 1
Mike (strongest link) 2 1
Chris 1 1
Susan 1 1
Florence (weakest) 1 2
The voting table (green indicates deciding, orange counting vote, red elimination)
Player Maureen Mike Chris Susan Florence
Vote Chris Maureen Florence Chris Maureen

In the leaving commentary, Maureen was thrilled that she wasn't the first one to get voted off as she originally expected.

Round 5[]

During the round, lasting 1 minute and 50 seconds, the players banked $10,000 (2 chains from Florence, 1 from Christopher Knight).

Player Question Given Answer

Correct Answer

Mike Which form of country dancing with couples is the official state folk dance of Texas? Square dancing
Chris In movies, what Charles Dickens' musical adaptation won the Best Picture Oscar for 1968? Oliver
Susan In television, what was the name of the tall butler on The Addams Family? Lurch Florence - $5,000
Florence How many US state names begin with the letter "M"? 2 8
Mike In medicine, what do the letters in the psychological condition OCD stand for? Overhead Drive Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Chris In 1985, which pop singer bought the publishing rights to more than 200 Beatles' songs for $47,000,000? Michael Jackson
Susan What is the official beverage of the State of Wisconsin? Beer Milk
Florence The classic suspense novel by Henry James is titled "Turn of the ..."? Screw
Mike What 3,000 m Olympic Track event is named for tall church tower? Steeplechase Chris - $2,500
Chris In geography, the US continental divide was formed by which mountain range? The Rockies
Susan What "V" is a brand petroleum jelly that makes the intensive care line of hand lotions? Vaseline Florence - $2,500
Florence Who is the current Governor of California? Ray Davis
Mike Heliology is the study of what celestial body in our solar system? Jupiter The Sun

The voting question was: "Who is making the Partridge Family look like a bunch of geniuses?" (Partridge Family was Brady Bunch's rival show during the original run)

Player Correct answers Wrong answers
Mike (weakest) 2 2
Chris (strongest link) 3 0
Susan 2 1
Florence 2 1
The voting table (green indicates deciding, orange counting vote, red elimination)
Player Mike Chris Susan Florence
Vote Chris Mike

(previously Susan)

Florence Mike

Post-round 3, Anne explained to Mike after his wrong answer to second question about haute couture - that her clothing (black shirt, leather jacket and pants) was haute couture, while Mike's Hawaiian shirt with no undershirt was not. Mike was voted off with the commentary "We've had enough of your shirt."

As a leaving commentary, Mike expressed that after being friends with his Brady Bunch co-stars for 30 years, it wasn't easy for him to vote for any of them.

Round 6[]

During the 1 minute, 40 seconds round, none of the players managed to bank any money.

Player Question Given Answer

Correct Answer

Chris In television, this actor has a recurring role as Will's boss on Will and Grace? - Gregory Hines
Susan In India's traditional Mehndi marriage ceremony, the bride paints her hands and feet with which red dye? Henna
Florence In what movie does Barbra Streisand disguise herself as a boy to enter a Jewish school? Yentl
Chris In geography, Montreal is located in which Canadian province? Quebec
Susan Which rock band named their song "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" after an attack on Dan Rather?    Metallica R.E.M
Florence From the Latin for "inject", what device, invented in the 1600s, is used to withdraw fluid from the body? Hypodermic needle Syringe
Chris In television, what is the last name of In Living Color siblings Damon and Keenen? - Wayans
Susan Arabic for "forbidden place", what "H" is the section of a Muslim household reserved for women? Hideaway Harem
Florence In movies, what Dumb and Dumber actress was briefly married to co-star Jim Carrey? (Out of time) Lauren Holly

The voting question was: "Who, frankly, was not worth the cost of the limousine to bring them here tonight?"

Player Correct answers Wrong answers
Chris 1 2
Susan (weakest link) 1 2
Florence (strongest) 1 1
The voting table (green indicates deciding, orange counting vote, red elimination)
Player Chris Susan Florence
Vote Florence Florence Susan

After both Chris and Susan voted against her, Florence called them losers. Voting against Susan, Florence commented: "Michael, her little boy, would never forgive his grandma Flo, and I will never forgive you."

As Florence was voted off, Anne Robinson commented: "You should have let them play ball in the house!"

As leaving commentary, Florence expressed the thought that Chris voted against her probably due to being afraid that she would be hard to beat in the final round.

Round 7[]

During the 1 minute, 30 seconds round, Chris banked $2,500 (which was doubled to $5,000).

Player Question Given Answer

Correct Answer

Chris Which bombs, made from bottles of flammable liquid, are named for a WWII Soviet diplomat? Molotov cocktails
Susan In literature, medical student Alexa Albert published a study of which Nevada brothel? Mustang Ranch Chris - $2,500
Chris What game played by bouncing a ball is named for the six pointed metal objects that one must pick up while playing? Jacks
Susan In theater, what is the name of Stanley's wife in A Streetcar Named Desire? Stella
Chris What was the name of a supper club that opened in 1934 at the top of 30 Rockefeller Center? Rainbow Room
Susan In television, what former Georgia Junior Miss replaced Jane Pauley on the Today show in 1990? - Deborah Norville
Chris In the United States, which number has more zeroes, quadrillion on quintillion? Quintillion
Susan What Arizona city is home to Sky Harbor International Airport? Las Vegas Phoenix
Chris In movies, Desmond Llewelyn appeared in 17 James Bond films as an inventor known by what initial? Q
Susan In terms of land area, which is the largest of New York's five boroughs? Queens (Out of time)


Correct answers Wrong answers
Chris (strongest link) 5 0
Susan (weakest) 3 2

Final round[]

The final round featured five questions being asked from the contestants, and the one with most correct answers would win.

Player Question Given Answer

Correct Answer

Chris In hobbies, what kind of insect habitat was introduced in 1956 by Milton M. Levine? Ant farm
Susan How many months of the year contain the letter "Y" in its name? 3 4
Chris According to the proverb, Wednesday's child is full of woe, but what is Tuesday's child full of? Glow Grace
Susan What word refers to both a homicide and a group of crows? Murder
Chris The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 banned what toxic metal from gasoline used in American automobiles? Lead
Susan What 1948 story by Shirley Jackson has been adapted as a TV movie, a radio show and a ballet? Little Princess The Lottery
Chris In 1993, what teenage criminal, known as the "Long Island Lolita", was the subject of three TV movies which aired in the same year? - Amy Fisher
Susan According to U.S. law, who is the next in the line of presidential succession after the Vice President? Secretary of State Speaker of the House of Representatives
Chris Britain and France declared war on Germany two days after its sudden 1939 invasion of which country? Poland
Player Correct answers Wrong answers
Chris (winner) 3 2
Susan (runner-up) 1 3

The game ended with Christopher Knight winning $49,000 for Zero Population Growth, while all the other participants still won $20,000 for their respective charities.

In the final commentaries, Chris expressed his happiness that there were no music questions in the final round, otherwise he would have lost. Susan was pleased for progressing to the final round.

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