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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore is the fourth episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Written by Paul West and directed by John Rich, it first aired 17 October 1969 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Alice thinks the family does not need her anymore, and invents a story to leave, but the family devises a plan to get Alice to stay.


For any domestic chores or problems, Mike and the boys turn to Alice as they always have since Mike's first wife died. Alice thinks that they should instead turn to Carol to make her feel like the woman of the house and truly the boys' mother. Alice's plan works like a charm as Carol feels buoyed by the boys and Mike turning to her. One side effect of this plan is the girls feeling neglected by Carol, which she can explain and rectify. What Alice didn't count on was feeling like she is no longer needed in the Brady household as the boys in particular now always turn to Carol instead of her. She makes up a pretense about a "sick aunt in Seattle" to leave their employ. Marcia and Jan overhear a phone conversation between Alice and her friend and discover the ruse. They tell their parents, but Mike and Carol can't just tell her not to go, but when they learn the real reason for her leaving, they have to try and come up with a way of not just telling her but really showing her how much they want her to stay.