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Imogene Coca as Aunt Jenny

Aunt Jenny (born Genetta Rae Hutchins) is a character in The Brady Bunch. She was played by Imogene Coca.

About Aunt Jenny[]

Aunt Jenny is the youngest of three children born to Ralph and Connie Hutchins in Owensboro, Kentucky. She has an older brother, Ralph Jr., and older sister Joan Hutchins Tyler, who was the mother of Carol Brady.

When she paid her first visit to Carol and her family, Jan was excited to see her because of an old picture she saw wherein her great aunt looked just like Jan. And when she saw a more recent picture of Aunt Jenny, Jan was afraid she would end up looking as unattractive as the picture depicted her relative. But Aunt Jenny teaches Jan a great lesson... that beauty comes from within. She manages to win over Jan and the rest of the family with her irreverent sense of humor.