Buddy Hinton
"Baby talk. Baby talk. It's a wonder you can walk."
―Buddy's repeated taunt for Cindy

Buddy Hinton is a character in The Brady Bunch. He was played by Russell Schulman.

About Buddy

Buddy is the school bully at Cindy's school. Buddy Hinton bullied Cindy for talking with a lisp. He said that she talked like a baby and would keep making fun of her for it every day. Eventually, he teased her enough to make her feel depressed and ashamed of her own verbal pattern. So much so, that she read a book of tongue twisters to improve her speech. Peter tried to stand up for her, which got him a black eye.

Mike and Carol took matters into their own hands by talking to Buddy parents about it. However, Mr. Hinton turned out to be just as horrible as his son and promoted the bad behavior and Mrs. Hinton agreed with everything her husband said, without thinking anything on her own.

One day, Buddy started making fun of Cindy and Peter again and Peter decided to finally fight with him. Peter punched Buddy in the face, knocking his tooth loose and getting him to talk with a lisp. The tables were then turned, and he felt the same way Cindy felt when she was being made fun of. He was so hurt by this that he shamefully visited the Bradys, asking if he could borrow Cindy's tongue twister book.



  • His actor, Russell Schulman also starred in The Andy Griffith Show episode "Opie and Mike", as Edgar Watson, who was also a school bully.

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