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Cindy Brady, Lady is the twenty-first episode of Season 3 of the The Brady Bunch, and the 70th overall episode of the series. Written by Al Schwartz and Larry Rhine and directed by Hal Cooper, it first aired 18 February 1972 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Bobby poses as Cindy's "secret admirer" to help her feel more mature and glamorous, then when Mike wants to expose him, he gets one of his classmates to pose as the admirer.


Cindy is feeling like a little kid around Marcia and Jan, who are going on dates and getting dressed up. Cindy wants to do all those things her older sisters are doing and tries to act older in an effort to get what she wants. Bobby tries to help by posing as a secret admirer, sending her notes and presents. Mike eventually catches her secret admirer delivering Cindy's latest gift. After a talk with Mike and Carol, Bobby asks his friend Tommy to reveal himself as the admirer. When Cindy eventually meets him, she initially turns Tommy off with her mature airs, but then when she starts acting her age Tommy expresses true affection for her. Cindy learns that acting grown up does have its disadvantages. Her real secret admirer, however, still has to face the music.