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Doug Simpson

Doug Simpson is a character in The Brady Bunch. He was played by Nicholas Hammond, and later by Shane Conrad in The Brady Bunch Movie.

About Doug[]

Doug is a football player at Westdale High School. Marcia really wanted a date with the class hunk, and he finally asks her. Peter accidentally hits her in the nose with a football, and Doug breaks the date when he sees Marcia's swollen nose. He used the classic excuse line, "Something suddenly came up!" Ironically, Marcia later used this exact same line on Doug to give him his comeuppance when he later asked the "healed" Marcia on a date. Then Doug went to the pizza parlor and saw Marcia and Charlie at the parlor. Then Doug and Charlie got in a fight. According to Marcia, Charlie won the fight, and Doug's nose swelled, and he became embarrassed and ran back home.

In the movie, Doug (Shane Conrad) asks Marcia to go to the school dance with him, when she had already promised to go with nerdy Charlie Anderson (R.D. Robb). She explains the "difficulty" of the choice to her friend, Noreen (Alanna Ubach), unaware Noreen is a lesbian and attracted to Marcia. Marcia ends up breaking her promise to Charlie. On the night of the dance, Doug takes her to a lookout point where he French kisses her, only for her to say that she's not interested. Telling her "You Bradys suck!" while driving off, Doug abandons her, leaving her stranded on the side of the road.


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