Douglas Simpson
Doug Simpson
General Information
Birthname: Douglas Simpson
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student at Westdale High School

High School Football Player

Hair color: Brown
Family/Personal Information
Appeared on: The Brady Bunch (1969-1974)
Episodes appeared in: The Subject Was Noses
Character played by: Nicholas Hammond

Douglas "Doug" Simpson was a class hunk that Marcia wanted to get a date with in "The Subject Was Noses". Doug breaks the date when he sees Marcia's swollen nose (thanks to Peter accidentally hitting her in the nose with a football). He used the classic excuse line, "Something suddenly came up!" Ironically, Marcia later used this exact same line on "Doug" to give him his comeuppance when he later asked the "healed" Marcia on a date. Then Doug went to the pizza parlor and saw Marica and Charlie at the parlor. Then Doug and Charlie got in a fight. According to Marcia, Charlie won the fight and Dougs nose got swollen and he got embarrassed and ran back home.