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Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy is the third episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Written by Joanna Lee and directed by John Rich, it first aired 10 October 1969 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Cindy is heartbroken when she discovers that she can only bring one parent to see her in the school play.


Cindy is excited when she is chosen to play the lead, the Fairy Princess, in her school's production of The Frog Prince. Her family is as excited for Cindy as they help her learn her lines, make her costume and props, and even feel what it's going to be like to "fly" while hanging on wires. They are all as excited to be able to see Cindy in the play as Cindy is excited to have the largest cheering section with her large family in attendance. But Cindy's excitement changes when she learns that because of the large number of people involved in the production and the relatively small auditorium, each cast member is only issued one ticket.

It's bad enough that her siblings and Alice can't attend, but she doesn't know how to choose between her parents. Her mother has attended everything she's ever been involved with and is her biggest booster, but she doesn't want to make her new father feel excluded. While Cindy does the only thing she knows how to solve the problem, Alice, the only adult in the family who knows what's going on, thinks Cindy needs a little help in figuring out this problem.


•Carol says to Cindy, "Darling, wild horses couldn't keep me away!". As of the year before this, 1968, the only true wild horse of modern times, Przewalski's horse of Central Asia, was no longer seen in the wild. Until recently, it was seen only in zoos, but some are currently being returned to their former range. Later, Cindy sadly remarks, suggesting that she, too, may be familiar with this creature, "...and she doesn't even care about wild horses".


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