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Fast N' Loud is a car restoration television series on the Discovery Channel.

A Very Brady Edition[]

During season 15, Barry Williams asks Richard and the Gas Monkeys to recreate the iconic Brady Bunch station wagon for HGTV. The Brady project first aired across two episodes on September 2 and 9, 2019.

Richard can't resist the project, but with only thirty days to find and revamp a '69 Plymouth Satellite, the team has several challenges ahead of them. Once a Tiki idol is discovered in the car's backseat, various mishaps plague the project.

The episodes weave brief clips from the original Branch Bunch series alongside themed hijinks involving the Gas Monkeys. With the revamp complete, Barry Williams arranges a surprise reveal for the rest of the Brady gang on location for A Very Brady Renovation. Richard ultimately takes the six of them for a spin in the revamped car.

The '69 Plymouth Satellite subsequently appears in the Renovation miniseries, complementing the home's big reveal.