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Father of the Year is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Written by Skip Webster and directed by George Cahan, it first aired 2 January 1970 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Marcia wants to nominate Mike for "Father of the Year," but to keep it secret, she'll have to break family rules.


Making his other meeting attendees wait for a few minutes while he helps her with her homework is just the latest reason why Marcia believes her dad is such a special father, despite his not being her biological father. So when Marcia learns that the Daily Chronicle newspaper is holding a Father of the Year essay-writing contest, Marcia has no hesitation in preparing an entry, but she doesn't want to let anyone know, especially Mike.

Marcia writes her essay, but keeping it a secret results in several misunderstandings. Even when she is punished by him she understands, because it was her own fault. (In the middle of the night before that, Jan and Cindy --after they caught Marcia up in the middle of the night and in Mike's den-- are scott free.) First, as she is asked to do a few extra chores for being caught in Mike's den past bedtime because that's where she is writing her essay in secret. Second, after not doing them to continue writing the secret entry, she is grounded for a week. (Mike says he is going to have to be a "little more severe" and he grounds her for a week. And she can only leave the house to go to school and see her friends during school hours. No playground or friends's houses, and Marcia --when she comes home from school-- is to come straight home after school.) So she has a "little severe" punishment. That is, being grounded for a week. She can only leave the house to go to school (while grounded) and the only time she can see her friends is school hours. And third, when she sees the deadline for entry for the contest is the next day, she thinks she has found a loophole in the grounding. She sneaks out to mail the letter. When she is caught outside --well past her bedtime-- she --after her ruse has been discovered (by not only her sisters --Jan and Cindy-- but also Mike and Carol)-- is grounded --with a really, very, very, severe punishment-- from going with the family on a ski trip (which was being planned). Things are resolved when Mike is presented with the "Father of the Year" plaque and informed of how he won.


  • (Mike and Carol and both looking for Marcia.)
  • Carol: (to Jan and Cindy) Jan? Cindy? Where is Marcia?
  • (Jan wakes up.)
  • Jan: I don't know.
  • (Marcia --after she has finished mailing the letter-- climbs back up the trellis.)
  • Marcia: Here I am, Mommy.
  • Carol: (turns to Marcia) Marcia, what on Earth?!
  • (Mike drags Marcia back into the house, leads her inside, and closes the bedroom window.)
  • Mike: Where were you?
  • Marcia: Mailing a letter.
  • Marcia: I had to mail the letter.
  • Carol: Why?
  • Marcia: I cannot say.
  • Mike: Marcia?
  • (Mike sighs.)
  • Mike: Marcia, I have given you every chance possible. But now you leave me with no alternative.
  • (Finally, Mike starts up a really, very, very, severe punishment. That is, as he says...!
  • Mike: We are all going skiing this weekend. All of us, except for you.
  • (Mike and Carol then lead Marcia to bed.)
  • Carol: Well, your father is right. You are just going to have to stay home with your grandparents. Now go to bed. Goodnight.
  • (Mike and Carol tuck Marcia into bed.)
  • Mike: Goodnight. And no more going out the window.