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Fright Night
Season 4, Episode # 6
Number (#78) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) None
Production code: 078
Writer(s) Brad Radnitz
Director Jerry London
Original airdate 27 October 1972
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Fright Night is the sixth episode of Season 4 of The Brady Bunch, and the 78th overall episode of the series. Written by Brad Radnitz and directed by Jerry London, it first aired 27 October 1972 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

After being spooked by the boys one night, the girls work on their own method of revenge.


Jan and Cindy are awakened in the middle of the night, scared by mysterious sounds that seem to be emanating from the attic, and the vision of what looks like a ghostly apparition outside their window. Investigating, Mike and Carol discover the window in the attic open, the noise from the wind causing a creaking rocking chair to rock, and that there is nothing in the trees outside. They are initially unaware that the boys caused of all this commotion. Peter masqueraded as the apparition to scare the girls. Ultimately Marcia believes the boys were responsible for everything, and she leads her sisters in getting back at the boys with a little of their own medicine. The girls devise some ghostly revenge of their own by daring the boys to sleep in the "haunted" attic, but things really get out of hand when Alice opens her big mouth to say she doesn't scare easily. Meanwhile, Carol is sculpting a bust of Mike's head for her art class' competition. The kids team up to scare Alice. Mike and Carol arrive home early and break up the scheme, but Alice arrives on the scene. Panicked, Alice smashes the bust of Mike, thinking it is the head of a burglar. Carol and Mike, with sad expressions, look at the broken pieces of the bust. Carol says, "So much for third place," and picks up the third-prize ribbon. They suspend their allowances for two weeks, pointing out that their actions could have resulted in tragedy. Mike says to the kids, "Alright, kids! Alright! That does it! Everybody upstairs and no allowances for two weeks! And that goes with all of you!" They are to go up to their rooms and think about what they have been doing and their joking habits. That is, while not using their allowances for two weeks.


  • (Mike and Carol --deeply saddened-- look at the broken remains of Mike's bust. And they both have sad expressions on their faces.)
  • Carol Brady: Well...!
  • (Carol sighs.)
  • Carol Brady: So much for third place!
  • (Mike and Carol --with sad expressions-- continue looking at the broken bust, then Mike turns back to the kids.)
  • Mike Brady: (to the kids) All right! All right! That does it! Everybody upstairs! And no more allowances for two weeks and the same thing goes for all of you!
  • (By that saying of Mike, the kids are to go upstairs to their rooms and think about their joking habits. That is, while they do not use their allowances for two weeks. And the kids --while grounded from allowances for two weeks-- can only leave the house to go to school. They --while grounded from it for two weeks-- can only leave the house to go to school and can only see their friends during school hours.)
  • Bobby: There goes my model airplane!
  • Marcia: I guess we deserve it!