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Getting Davy Jones is the twelfth episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 61st overall episode of the series. Written by Phil Leslie and Al Schwartz and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 10 December 1971 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Marcia boasts that she can get Davy Jones to perform at a school dance, then begins an all-out effort to try to get him to appear.


Marcia and her friends Laura and Doreen are the entertainment committee in charge of finding someone to perform at their senior prom. With two weeks until the prom, they have come up with no one, when Jan comes up with the idea of Davy Jones, who is in town to do some promotions. Marcia, president of his local fan club, is certain she can get him to appear since he once wrote her a handwritten letter stating that if he was ever in town and could help her with anything, he would do so. Marcia finds that even getting in touch with him directly through his heavy security and fans in the way is difficult.

Everyone in the family tries to help Marcia in getting through to him. When all Marcia's efforts seem to lead nowhere, she decides to abandon her quest in getting him to perform. By that time, news has spread throughout the school that he is performing at the prom, all based on Marcia's promise. Marcia has to decide to continue on with her quest, or tell Mrs. Robbins, the prom's teacher liaison, that she couldn't come through on her promise but at least give her time to find a replacement. After unsuccessful attempts at the local TV station and at his hotel, Marcia's appeal to Davy's manager convinces him to make an appearance. Davy realizes he cannot go back on his word.


  • Mike (at the TV station, having just seen Davy Jones): Do you mind if my daughter and I wait until the show's over? She would like to meet Mr. Coleman's guest star.
    Marcia: I'm president of his fan club.
    Clerk (confused): The head of the Department of Sanitation has a fan club?
    Mike: The Department of Sanitation?
    Clerk: That's who Hank Coleman's guest is today.
    Marcia: No! It's Davy Jones! I just saw the start of the show at home.
    Clerk: Oh, that was done yesterday. Mr. Coleman tapes his shows one day in advance.
    Marcia: Oh, no.
    Clerk: I'm afraid you're twenty-four hours late for Davy Jones, Miss.