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Going, Going... Steady is the fifth episode of Season 2 of The Brady Bunch, and the thirtieth overall episode of the series. Written by David P. Harmon and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 23 October 1970 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Marcia goes gaga over her first steady boyfriend, nerdy insect collector Harvey Klinger.


Marcia is walking around in a daze. By the flowery language she is using, Carol knows why: Marcia's in love. The young gentleman who has enchanted Marcia's heart is the quiet, bespectacled Harvey Klinger. Despite Mike thinking they should stay out of Marcia's love life, Carol tries to help Marcia get Harvey's attention; he who has no idea that Marcia even exists. She does so by helping Marcia learn about Harvey's hobby, collecting bugs. It's not so much a hobby, but an all-consuming passion. Carol's ploy works. It works a little too well as Harvey asks Marcia to go steady. Carol believes thirteen-year-old Marcia is too young to go steady. When Marcia's version of thirteen-year-old steady gets a little too serious for both Carol and Mike's liking, Mike, using some words straight out of Marcia and Harvey's mouths, thinks he knows how to make them realize that their puppy love is not adult love.


  • Marcia is now thirteen.