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Goodbye, Alice, Hello
Season 4, Episode # 10
Number (#82) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Mary Treen
Snag Werris
Harry Crigger
Production code: 084
Writer(s) Milt Rosen
Director George Tyne
Original airdate 24 November 1972
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Goodbye, Alice, Hello is the tenth episode of Season 4 of The Brady Bunch, and the 82nd overall episode of the series. Written by Milt Rosen and directed by George Tyne, it first aired 24 November 1972 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Alice believes she has irrecoverably breached the Brady kids' trust and resigns, and her friend, Kay, takes over but is a little too professional, so the kids to go all out to beg Alice for forgiveness and to come back.


An incident between Peter, Greg and a Frisbee inside the house leads to an antique lamp in Mike's den being broken. Alice is aware of the boys breaking the lamp, which Greg and Peter try to repair without their parent's knowledge. The boys ask Alice to keep their secret from their parents, which she vows to do. When Carol discovers the lamp has been broken, Alice is caught between her vow to the boys and the fact that she has never lied to Carol. Alice feels she has no choice but to tell the truth to Carol. Subsequently, Carol asks Alice a seemingly innocent question about who used the record player, that person being Marcia, who apparently left the record player running all night.

Greg and Peter lose their allowance for breaking the lamp, and Marcia's use of the record player is suspended for a week. Alice also forbids Bobby and Cindy to go skinny-dipping with some new neighbors in their pool. Because of these incidents, the kids feel like Alice has betrayed them. All six decide to give her the cold shoulder. The last straw for Alice is when she overhears Bobby and Cindy talking about how they used to love her, but now can't trust her. Feeling unwanted and unloved by the kids, a heartbroken Alice quits, using the old excuse of a family situation and not even saying goodbye to the kids.

The kids find that Alice's friend Kay has taken her place. Kay has a less emotional approach to being a live-in housekeeper than Alice did, as she won't do puzzles with Bobby and Cindy, or play basketball with Greg and Peter, or listen and dance to music with Jan and Marcia, or watch TV with Carol, all of which Alice did regularly. Eventually, Greg and Marcia confess to Carol that they gave Alice the cold shoulder over the incidents about the lamp and record player, and Carol angrily informs them of what really happened. She tells them that they pushed Alice too far, and they may not be able to bring her her back. Kay overhears the discussion, but is indifferent, but secretly pleased about how much the kids do care about Alice.

The kids, with help from Kay, are able to track down Alice at the restaurant where she has taken a job. They apologize for their treatment, and they convince her to return.


  • Robert Reed does not appear in this episode.
  • The part where Bobby and Cindy go skinny dipping is cut on some airings.
  • Two scenes are reminiscent of Sherwood Schwartz' show Gilligan's Island:
    • Alice leaving after Jan and Cindy and Peter and Bobby give her the silent treatment recalls "Water Water Everywhere", where Gilligan leaves after the castaways give him the silent treatment.
    • Alice leaving after she overhears Bobby and Cindy talking about her recalls "It's Magic", where Gilligan leaves after he overhears the castaways talking about him.


  • Kay: Alice, you've made the worst mistake a housekeeper can make...getting too emotionally involved with the family. And I speak from experience. When I'm working...I just do my work. Getting too attached can break your heart.
  • Kay: Sorry; a housekeeper doesn't play basketball...she keeps house.
  • Kay: That was Alice...I'm Kay.

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