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Grand Canyon or Bust is the second episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 51st overall episode of the series. Written by Tam Spiva and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 24 September 1971 on ABC. It is part two of a three-part story. It was mostly filmed on location at the Grand Canyon.

Short Summary[]

The Bradys convince the prospector that they are no threat to his fictional gold claim and continue their Grand Canyon trip, but Bobby and Cindy spot a young runaway Native American and get lost while chasing him.


While stranded in a desert ghost town, most of the Brady family seeks help by starting a signal fire, while Mike and Peter head off on foot for help. The two eventually catch up with Zaccariah, who claimed to be coming back to set them free after he registered his gold claim. With their vehicle and gear returned, the family heads to their ultimate destination of the Grand Canyon, which does not disappoint them. After spending the first day and night atop the canyon, they descend to the canyon floor on mule-back, much to Alice's dismay.

After they set up camp, Mike tells all the kids not to go exploring on their own as they don't know the terrain. But the family hits its second crisis of the trip when Bobby and Cindy go missing. Unknown to the rest of the family, Bobby and Cindy were intrigued by an Indian boy they spotted, who disappeared when they ran after him. Bobby and Cindy eventually get lost. As night approaches, everyone becomes concerned. Alice remains at camp, while the rest of the family goes searching,


  • Bobby asks what his name means. Robert comes from the Old English name Hroth-boerth which means "bright" or "bursting with flame."
  • After meeting the Bradys, Zachariah Brown says he "hasn't had a bath in forty years." This line is possibly lifted from the Gilligan's Island episode, "The Sweepstakes".
  • The ghost town is actually the the old Gunsmoke exterior set.