Greg's Triangle
Season 4, Episode # 11
Number (#83) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Tannis G. Montgomery
Rita Wilson
Production code: 087
Writer(s) Bill Freedman & Ben Gershman
Director Richard Michaels
Original airdate December 8, 1972
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Greg's Triangle was the 11th episode of Season 4 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 83rd overall episode in the series. Written by Bill Freedman and Ber Gershman, the episode, which was directed by Richard Michaels, originally aired on ABC-TV on December 8, 1972.


Greg's dilemma: Whom to vote for as head cheerleader. The candidates include his sister Marcia, and his girlfriend, the beautiful and shapely (but conniving) Jennifer Nichols. Will Jennifer or Marcia have enough pull, or will Greg decide that someone else is simply better than they are?


Greg dates classmate Jennifer Nichols (Tannis G. Montgomery). Carol and Mike suspect Jennifer may be dating Greg with an ulterior motive as Jennifer, along with Marcia, is trying out for head cheerleader, and Greg is on the judging committee. At the tryout, Greg is caught in a dilemma when he has to cast the deciding vote. Greg fears both Jennifer and Marcia will be angered if he does not favor them, but ultimately selects Pat Conway ([[Rita Wilson]) as he judged her the best cheerleader. Greg is surprised that Marcia is happy; she knows Greg voted honestly. However, Jennifer dumps Greg, who realizes she was using him to win his vote. In the subplot, Carol takes up golf with Mike's help.

Note: Although Carol is learning how to play golf, it is revealed in the first season episode "Vote For Brady" that she has a set of clubs and used to play golf all the time.


Jennifer Nichols, a student at Westdale High, is forthright in her pursuit of Greg, who quickly falls under her seductive charms. Jennifer and "Greggy", as she calls him, have a surfing date on the weekend. He is so preoccupied by thoughts of Jennifer that Greg forgets about a previous doubles golfing engagement that day with Mike and another father-son duo, leaving Mike to scramble for a last minute replacement. Mike's wannabe alternate for Greg isn't quite who he was expecting or hoping. After Mike and Carol meet Jennifer, they can tell that behind her sweet demeanor, she's after something from Greg.

Meanwhile, Marcia is practicing hard for the upcoming head cheerleader tryout. Although Greg is chair of the selection committee, Marcia doesn't want to take for granted that she'll get chosen just because of her personal relationship to Greg. Although Greg may not be able to see it, what Jennifer wants is too to be chosen head cheerleader. Greg vows to Marcia that he will be fair and impartial in his judging, although Marcia doesn't believe Greg will be with his girlfriend also in the contest. Can Greg be fair and impartial, and will both his sister and his girlfriend respect his decision?

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