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Growing Up Brady
Growing Up Brady DVD Cover

"Growing Up Brady" DVD Cover

Starring: Barry Williams
Adam Brody
Kaley Cuoco
Daniel Hugh Kelly
Michael Tucker
Production Information
Preceded by: The Brady Bunch in the White House
Followed by: Still Brady After All These Years
Produced by: Mark H. Ovitz
Written by: Matt Dorff
Film.series length: 88 minutes
United States
Date(s) premiered/released: aired 21 May 2000

Growing Up Brady is a television movie based on the 1992 autobiography written by actor Barry Williams with Chris Kreski, Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg.

It first aired 21 May 2000 in the United States on NBC-TV, and was released on DVD in 2004.

The movie is a slightly fictionalized tale about the production of the 1969-1974 ABC sitcom The Brady Bunch, on which Williams played teenager Greg Brady, with backstage dramas among the cast and the show's producer.


Scenes Not Like the Book[]

In his book, Williams writes that he first kissed McCormick in Hawaii, rather than in a limousine bringing them home from a Who concert in Los Angeles. The flirting between McCormick and Williams whilst filming for "A Room at the Top" (episode 94) happened a few months before the Hawaii episodes and was boosted for the TV movie. Although in the movie, Eve Plumb's character is unfazed when a security guard stumbles upon her and Christopher Knight making out in a prop car on the Paramount Pictures back lot, Knight has said Plumb was "mortified" and started to cry. Also a scene where Williams' agent tells him that The Brady Bunch had been canceled is changed somewhat. Instead of drinking a bottle of Bourbon, he is drinking a bottle of Scotch.

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