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Harry Duggan is a character in The Brady Bunch. He was played by Jackie Coogan, famous for playing Uncle Fester in The Addams Family.

About Harry Duggan[]

Harry Duggan is a dishonest man. He also seemed to be a bit of a sexist when he referred to Carol Brady as a "Woman Driver" when she accidentally backed into him and dented his car's fender. He even referred to his wife as being a frail woman.

When he paid a visit to the Brady house, Mike and Carol were about to go out for the evening. Harry lies to Mike by telling him that Carol carelessly backed into him and smashed up his car badly. When Carol abject and states that none of that was true and that both their cars received the same amount of damage. Mr. Dugan dismisses that and hands Mr. Brady a list of the "alleged damages" to his car that would cost a total of 295 dollars and 11 cents. Realizing that Mr. Duggan is clearly using the accident to get money to cover a few other unrelated damages to his car, Mr. Brady refuses to pay for the damages and orders him to leave. Mr. Duggan angrily does so and states that he will sue Carol for the accident.

During the trial, Mr. Duggan enters the court room with a fake neck brace stating that he was at the doctors with whiplash, even pretending that he cannot turn his head. Both he and Carol give their sides of the story. Luckily, Mike is able to expose that Harry was faking when he throws his briefcase onto the ground behind him, causing him to turn his head. Upon seeing this, the judge beclouds Harry's testimony and finds in favor of Carol.