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Hawaii Bound is the first episode of Season 4 of The Brady Bunch, and the 73rd overall episode of the series. Written by Tam Spiva and directed by Jack Arnold, it first aired 22 September 1972 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Mike is sent on a business trip and brings the entire family to Hawaii, where Bobby unearths an ancient tiki said to bring bad luck to whomever is holding it.


Everyone in the family is excited when Mike tells them that his company is sending him to Honolulu for a business trip to check on a construction project, and he is able to bring them all along all expenses paid. Their vacation starts off well as they take in the many sights of Oahu and learn about the history of Pearl Harbor. But things start to change when the boys accompany Mike to the construction site. There, Bobby finds a small tiki idol, which he decides he will keep as a good luck charm.

One of the construction workers, old Mr. Hanalei, a traditional native islander, earlier saw the idol, and recognized it as a native taboo idol of evil to anyone who touches it. The Brady boys laugh at the curse and blow it off as superstition. Bobby and Cindy meet island entertainers Don Ho and Sam Kapu while the idol is in Bobby's possession, but near catastrophes occur to whomever is in the possession of the idol, although no one in the family sees it as a bad luck charm. Bobby unwittingly destroys his ukelele by sitting on it, and later narrowly avoids being hit on the head by a heavy wall decoration. Alice finds the idol and wears it during a hula lesson and throws out her back. Greg wears it while in a surfing contest, and experiences a nasty wipeout, leaving the family frantic.


  • This is Part 1 of three, filmed mostly on location in Hawaii.