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Is There a Doctor in the House? is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Written by John Fenton Murray and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 26 December 1969 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

When all six children contract the measles, the girls prefer their usual doctor, and the boys prefer theirs.


When Peter comes home from school in the middle of the day with a case of the measles, Carol naturally tries to call in the family pediatrician, Dr. Porter. When she can't get through to the pediatrician's office, Mike tries to call the pediatrician's office himself. Jan subsequently comes home early with a case of the measles herself. However, what Mike and Carol do not realize is that Dr. Porter is the girls' pediatrician, and Mike tries to call the boys' pediatrician, Dr. Cameron. So it's a case of one doctor too many when both Dr. Porter and Dr. Cameron come to the house.

What's more disconcerting for Peter is that Dr. Porter is a woman, and for Jan is that that Dr. Cameron is a man. When the other four kids come home each with the measles as well, Mike and Carol not only have an issue in catering to the bedridden kids' every whim, but they also have to decide which of the two doctors will be the family pediatrician. However, neither the boys, nor the girls are willing to switch over to the other doctor.

Mike and Carol then realize that they both have their own personal care physicians, and neither of them switched over to the other's when they got married (nor would they be truly willing to). Therefore, they agree that there's no reason why they can't continue to use Dr. Porter for the girls, and Dr. Cameron for the boys, and it turns out that the two doctors have decided to combine their practices.

In the end, the kids recover, but both Mike and Alice contract the measles as well.


When Marcia calls from the girls' room, "Hey, Mom, whatever happened to 'ladies first'?", the subtitles read Cindy instead of Marcia.

Dr. Porter was played by Marion Ross, who was famous for playing Marion Cunningham on Happy Days. Dr. Cameron was played by Herbert Anderson, who was famous for playing Henry Mitchell in Dennis the Menace.