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Jethroe Collins is a character from the Brady Bunch episode "Bobby's Hero."

When Bobby idolized outlaw Jesse James, Mike eventually borrowed a book from the library titled "The Real Jesse James" by Jethroe Collins. He learned that the author's father was killed by Jesse James, and he and Carol decided to have him visit their home to talk to Bobby.

At first, Bobby doesn't believe it, and Carol said: "He's telling you the truth, Bobby." Mike told Mr. Collins to tell Bobby what happened. Mr. Collins answered that he was just a little boy, when his father rode a train to California, and Jesse James held it up. His father had his face against the wall with his arms in the air, and he wasn't carrying a gun, when he was shot in the back. Bobby asked why Jesse James shot him, and Mr. Collins answered that it was because that was the kind of man Jesse James was - a mean, dirty killer. He also said that his mother used to cry about it in her sleep, and when he was old enough to understand, he started having nightmares himself - awful nightmares about that train robbery.

That night, Bobby has the same nightmare, with his entire family being killed by Jesse James, and he's the only one still alive, while Jesse James is laughing. When Bobby wakes up, he tells Mike and Carol that they were right, and that Mr. Collins got through to him.