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Juliet Is the Sun is the seventh episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 56th overall episode of the series. Written by Brad Radnitz and directed by Jack Arnold, it first aired 29 October 1971 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Marcia lands the lead role in the school play, but quickly develops an incredibly huge ego and becomes verbally abusive until she is let go.


Marcia lands the lead role of Juliet in her school's production of "Romeo and Juliet" opposite Harold Axelrod's Romeo. Peter and Jan are cast as palace guards, who rehearse their brief lines of "Hark!" and "Who goes there?" repeatedly. Marcia had auditioned for the part of the nurse and feels that she is not good enough for the lead female role. She isn't happy about this news as she believes her mother, who is chair of the play committee, influenced the decision, but more importantly that she isn't beautiful and noble as Juliet should be. Once Carol convinces Marcia that she had no influence whatsoever in casting, Marcia's siblings, unknown to Marcia, go on a campaign to make Marcia feel that she is worthy of the role. Their tactic works, a little too well as Marcia not only accepts the role, but becomes a total diva in the process.

Marcia now feels that she is queen of the Brady household, refusing to share the bathroom, her closet space, or do her share of chores around the house. She also acts like she knows what's best for the play to the exclusion of everyone else, even to the point of rewriting Shakespeare's words. In rehearsal, she completely ignores the director's staging and instructions, and bosses around and insults Harold, who's playing Romeo, and is struggling with his changing voice, and with his glasses getting in the way of his costume. Carol happens to stop by to deliver the lineup for the program, and she sees Marcia's behavior. She and the director both agree action needs to be taken for the good of the play.

Marcia is heartbroken when Carol informs her that she has been dropped/dismissed/axed from the cast (as a result of her behavior and attitude on her friends and siblings). And so, her understudy is going to assume the role. Now every kid in the Brady family is going to be in the play (except for Marcia).

At the last minute, when the girl cast as Juliet's mother Lady Capulet gets the mumps, a contrite Marcia asks to be given the role and promises she will act in a professional and courteous manner. Carol welcomes her back to the cast, now in the role of Lady Capulet.

In the end, the play is a success, although Alice considers the saddest part was when Peter and Jan said their brief lines in the wrong order.


  • (Marcia is in her room combing her hair when Carol comes in to speak to her.)
  • Carol: Marcia?
  • Marcia: Yes, Mother?
  • Carol: I sent the final program to the printers this afternoon.
  • Marcia: I wish Harold’s name wasn’t in it, he was awful at rehearsal today.
  • Carol: Well Marcia, I’m afraid your name is not going to be in it.
  • Marcia: What do you mean?
  • Carol: I was at the rehearsal this afternoon.
  • Marcia: You were?
  • Carol: Afterwards Mrs. Goodwin and I talked. And we have decided that for the good of the play — and for your own good — she is going to have to replace you.
  • Marcia: Replace me?
  • Carol: Yes. Your understudy, she is going to replace you.
  • Marcia: Tina!? But I’m better than her!
  • Carol: Marcia? It has nothing to do with you being better. It’s your attitude.
  • Marcia: What do you mean my attitude?
  • Carol: Well, you’ve become rude to your friends and siblings! You’ve become impossible to live with!
  • Marcia: (flustered, in between tears, and before crying) Mom...! You are being unfair!
  • Carol: Marcia? I’m not blaming you. It’s not all your fault. We encouraged you. But you let it go to your head.
  • Marcia: [on the verge of tears] You do not understand, Mom!
  • Carol: Marcia, I do understand. But you brought all of this on yourself. I’m sorry.
  • (Carol leaves the room. Marcia bitterly breaks down and cries.)
  • Marcia: (crying) MOM!