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Katchoo is the fifth episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Written by William Cowley and directed by John Rich, it first aired 24 October 1969 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Jan's allergies are acting up, and Alice fears it might be Mike or one of the boys, but when it seems that Jan is allergic to Tiger, the family fear they might have to lose their pet dog.


Carol decides to keep Jan home from school because of her excessive sneezing, which she believes could be the sign of something like the flu. But once Jan gets into bed, she stops sneezing. Carol, Alice and the doctor surmise that Jan has probably developed an allergy to something. After checking many of the regular causes of allergies such as pollen, they fear that Jan is allergic to a person, namely Mike, because Jan starts sneezing as soon as he comes home.

Their concern is bittersweet when Jan continues to sneeze even when Mike isn't around, but does so when Tiger is, leading them to believe that he is the cause of her allergic reaction. They know that they have to get rid of Tiger for Jan's sake, news which will probably hit the boys the hardest as they raised Tiger from a pup. Individually, each of the family members, without telling anyone else, believes they have the answer to the problem without needing to get rid of Tiger, but which makes for an extremely agitated dog! As Tiger gets ready to leave, Carol realizes Mike forgot Tiger's flea powder. And it turns out Jan was allergic to Tiger's flea powder and not Tiger.


  • The original dog actor playing Tiger died whilst this episode was in production, after being hit by a florist truck.
  • Two scenes are reminiscent of those in another Sherwood Schwartz show, Gilligan's Island:
    • Jan thinking she's allergic to Mike and Tiger references "Allergy Time", where Skipper and the other castaways think they're allergic to Gilligan.
    • Jan sneezing when Tiger and Mike are around her spoofs "Feed the Kitty", where Mrs. Howell sneezes every time Leo the Lion comes near her.