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Kitty Karry-All Is Missing is the seventh episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Written by Al Schwartz and Bill Freedman and directed by John Rich, it first aired 7 November 1969 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

When Cindy's doll goes missing, she accuses Bobby, then Bobby blames her for his missing kazoo, but the mystery of the missing toys may only be solved by the real culprit trying to steal again.


Cindy's favorite toy is her doll, Kitty Karry-All, which she treats like a real baby. Bobby has often stated that he doesn't like Kitty as her presence affects his ability to play with his favorite toy, a kazoo. So when Kitty goes missing, an emotionally tearful Cindy naturally assumes Bobby took her as he was seemingly the only person around, and he had motive, even though she didn't actually see him do so. Bobby pleads innocence in the matter, stating that his affection for Cindy as a sister trumps whatever he may have said about Kitty, which Cindy does not buy.

As everyone in the house turns it upside down looking for Kitty, Mike and Carol try to mediate the dispute between Cindy and Bobby, while naturally, Greg and Peter side with Bobby, and Marcia and Jan with Cindy, which affects the relationships between all six kids. A mock trial is held for Bobby, during which Jan suddenly votes Bobby as innocent (against Marcia's expectations) and Peter votes Bobby as guilty (against Greg's expectations), which also causes a rift between Jan and Marcia and between Greg and Peter. The mystery deepens when Bobby's kazoo goes missing, the shoe now on the other foot as he automatically blames Cindy as again she was seemingly the only other person around at the time the kazoo went missing, and she had motive, despite not seeing her take it. And like Bobby before her, Cindy pleads innocence. Regardless, Bobby tries to extend an olive branch to Cindy in the only way he can not being the person who took Kitty. Bobby realizes that Cindy is very sad, and he spends all of his money on a new doll for her, but she will not accept it. After it goes missing too, the clues then lead to the real culprit, Tiger.


  • The two Kitty Karry-All props are today rumored to be in possession of Susan Olsen and Eve Plumb.
  • Three scenes are reminiscent of those in Gilligan's Island:
  • The scene in which Cindy sings rock a bye Baby to Kitty. Is a reference to Gilligan's Island Goodnight Sweet Skipper, where Ginger sing Rock a-bye Baby to Skipper.
  • The scene in which Bobby says I object. Is also reference to Gilligan's Island Plant You Now Dig You Later, where Mr. Howell says I object during the trial.
  • The scene in which everyone fights. Is a reference to Gilligan’s Island Ship Ahoax, where everyone (except The Professor) fight.