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Mail Order Hero
Season 5, Episode # 2
Number (#97) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Joe Namath
Tim Herbert
Kerry MacLane
Eric Woods
Larry Michaels
Production code: 097
Writer(s) Martin Ragaway
Director Bruce Bilson
Original airdate 21 September 1973
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"Adios, Johnny Bravo"
(Season 5 premiere)
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Mail Order Hero is the second episode of Season 5 of The Brady Bunch, and the 97th overall episode of the series. Written by Martin Ragaway and directed by Bruce Bilson, it first aired 21 September 1973 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Bobby lies to his friends that he knows Joe Namath, then fakes a serious illness in order to get Namath to come to the house and visit him.


When Bobby's friends tell about the close encounters they and their fathers have had with sports stars, Bobby can't help but say that he personally knows one himself, namely Joe Namath, and that he comes for dinner whenever he is in town. Neither of Bobby's statements are true. This creates a problem for Bobby as his friends now believe Bobby can arrange for Namath to meet them all when the New York Jets will be playing in town next week. Meanwhile, Jan is using other family members as guinea pigs for her first aid training.

Bobby was going to tell the truth to his friends based on advice from his family, that is until all Bobby's friends spread the word throughout their entire school before he can do so. Various family members try to help Bobby figure out a way to arrange a meeting with Namath, but Cindy takes it to an extreme when she creates a lie about Bobby being deathly ill, without Bobby's knowledge. Bobby learns of Cindy's plan only when Namath comes to visit and plays along, but Mike and Carol catch on to the plan. Although they plan to punish the two for their scheme, Joe is not angered and even offers to throw some passes with Bobby and his friends before he leaves.

Recurring cast/Guest stars[]