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Mark Millard was Alice's old high school boyfriend In "Alice's September Song".

He tries to rekindle his relationship with her, but when he makes a shady financial offer to her, Carol gets suspicious and calls Mike. Afterward, Mike calls his friend at the district attorney's office to check out Mark Millard and come to the house to ask Alice some questions.

It turned out that Mark Millard is a swindler - an incurable gambler who used unsuspecting women to support himself. He was paying alimony to 5 wives and trying to keep a jump ahead of the 6th - and Alice could have been the 7th! Alice answers: "That's what I call making 7 the hard way."

When Mark arrives, Mike tells him about his phone call with his friend at the district attorney's office, and he was on his way over. Mark, realizing the jig is up, tries to leave, but the doorbell rings and he turns around to the back door. But he ends up running headfirst into a frozen leg of lamb that Sam the Butcher was delivering to the Brady household. As a casual act of revenge, Alice takes the watering can and pours the water over Mark's face to revive him, while Mike, Carol, Mike's friend, and Sam look on.