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Mike's Horror-Scope is the sixteenth episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Written by Ruth Brooks Flippen and directed by David Alexander, it first aired 16 January 1970 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Mike worries over a newspaper horoscope which predicts that a strange woman will enter his life, when a fussy perfume heiress, his firm's latest client, wants her perfume factory impossibly designed to her specifications.


Just for fun, Carol is on an astrology kick, she reading her horoscope every night for the following day. She and Mike are able to laugh about Mike's horoscope - that a strange woman will soon come into his life - until that horoscope comes true, that strange woman in the form of new client, cosmetics giant Beebe Gallini, who wants Mike to design her new factory. Carol goes ahead and reads Mike's horoscope, which tells of a the woman entering his life. Mike is besieged by fussy client Beebe Gallini who monopolizes his time disrupting family activities. Beebe visits the Brady home and dictates impossible design specifications, but Mike ultimately loses the deal after the children's interruptions anger Beebe. Mike realizes losing the deal has saved his firm from a nervous breakdown.

Will Carol ever not feel jealous of Beebe? And is there a tipping point where Mike will only take so much of Beebe before not feeling guilty about losing her as a client?