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Mrs. Payne is the racist neighbor of The Kelly Family, who hates the fact that Ken and Kathy Kelly have adopted children of different races. She appeared in "Kelly's Kids". She was played by Molly Dodd.


In "Kelly's Kids", Mrs. Payne heard about how her neighbors, Ken and Kathy Kelly had adopted children of different races so she went to their house and told them how she believed every race has a place in society and that Dwayne and Steve are out of place and how she'd rather they live with other families in other neighborhoods who matched their respective races. The kids heard this and out of shame, ran away from home to live with The Brady Family. Matt followed with them, not wanting to part ways with his newfound brothers. Ken and Kathy tracked the kids down and brought them home, telling them that no matter what Mrs. Payne says, they're still going to live together as a family, regardless of the color of their skin.