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My Brother's Keeper
Season 5, Episode # 8
Number (#103) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) None
Production code: 106
Writer(s) Michael Morris
Director Ross Bowman
Original airdate 2 November 1973
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My Brother's Keeper is the eighth episode of Season 5 of The Brady Bunch, and the 103rd overall episode of the series. Written by Michael Morris and directed by Ross Bowman, it first aired 2 November 1973 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Bobby saves Peter from being hit by a falling ladder and the older Brady promises to become Bobby's slave.


While the boys are doing chores outside, a ladder almost falls on Peter, but Bobby pushes him out of the way. A grateful Peter believes Bobby saved his life and is willing to show Bobby that gratitude in whatever way he can. After Bobby recovers from the immediate consequences of his actions, namely getting covered with a can full of green paint that was on the ladder, he quietly appreciates all the adoration he is getting from the family. Peter offers to do things for Bobby without his asking.

Meanwhile, Mike has agreed to wallpaper the girls' bedroom. The problem is that the girls can't agree on a pattern.

Bobby soon takes advantage of his situation, forcing Peter to do all Bobby's chores. Peter soon regrets his offer, and breaks the pledge. The feud between Peter and Bobby causes Peter to tape a line across the middle of their shared bedroom; Bobby emphasizes that the bathroom is on his side by going in and flushing the toilet. Bobby is later accidentally locked in their bedroom closet; Peter arrives and opens the door, rescuing him. To resolve the dispute, Bobby effusively praises Peter for this supposedly heroic, life saving rescue.


  • Although the toilet is never seen in the series, it is heard flushing for the only time in this episode.