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My Gym Partner's a Monkey is a children's cartoon about a human boy by the name Adam Lyon getting sent to an all-animal school, due to a clerical error regarding his last name. In gym class, he is partnered with a monkey named Jake Spidermonkey.

References to The Brady Bunch[]

  • The episode "Lonely Lyon", is a parody of the episode "Dear Libby". The episode centers around Adam's friends reading a newspaper column titled "Dear Glibby", where an anonymous writer complains, saying that he's not happy with being at his animal school and wishes to go back to his old school. Adam's friends badger him with kindness hoping for him to return. This mirrors the plot of "Dear Libby", as that episode featured The Brady kids reading a newspaper column from the mother of six kids, who says she is overwhelmed by them and they assume it's from Carol. In both cases, the columns are not written by the people, they were assumed to be written by.