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Our Son, the Man is the eighteenth episode of Season 2 of The Brady Bunch, and the 43rd overall episode in the series. Written by Albert E. Lewin, and directed by Jack Arnold, it premiered 5 February 1971 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Greg renovates Mike's den into his own "far out" pad and tries to woo a girl three years his senior, but learns that, even though he's fifteen, he still has a lot of growing up to do.


Since he's now in high school albeit a freshman, Greg sees himself as a man, but doesn't feel like one at home with all his brothers and sisters around not giving him any privacy. He feels he's too old to go on the family camp out this upcoming weekend, but more importantly he wants his own bedroom. After Mike and Carol discuss the issue, Mike, not without a fight, relinquishes his den as a bedroom for Greg.

While Greg makes a big deal about his new bedroom and his associated status as a man in the house, his brothers and sisters pay him little attention much to his chagrin. Once he gets his "groovy new pad" set up the way he wants, he believes his life will change for the better, which includes getting the pretty high school senior he has his eye on. Attracting her attention in turn requires a funky new wardrobe. Greg ultimately learns that thinking he's a man and what others perceive about him may be two totally different things.


  • Carol suggests they make Greg's room in the attic but Mike says that would only work if Greg were only 2½ feet tall, meaning it was too small. A later episode shows the family cleaning the attic and it is large enough to become a bedroom.
  • Greg is now fifteen.


  • Greg: Remember, Dad, we're talking man-to-man now...not 'kid-to-man' man-to-man, but 'man-to-man' man-to-man.
  • Greg: Good morning, Carol; Good morning, Mike.