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Peter Christian "Peter" Brady is a character in The Brady Bunch. He was played by Christopher Knight.

About Peter[]

Also known as "Pete," Peter is the second child of Mike Brady and the late Sarah Brady and became Carol's stepson when she married his father. He is the third oldest of the Brady Family. Peter is the middle Brady son and is very close to his brothers, Greg and Bobby. He loves to joke around with Marcia and Jan and is very protective of Cindy

Peter often feels badly about himself. He has a fragile ego that manifests itself in extremes; often he lets his achievements go to his head while at the same time lets little things get him down.      

He tries to remain humble when he rescues a little girl from a falling shelf of toys, but after being called a hero, he goes overboard with self-importance, only to have his feelings hurt when nobody initially attends his hero party. Not long after, he decides he has no personality when a kid at a party called him dull, not realizing that his sweet, shy nature is what makes him himself.      

The clumsiest of the bunch, he sometimes gets overexcited and acts impulsively before thinking. Peter is anything but dull. He may not be too great at fixing bikes or making ice-cream sundaes, but he builds a mean model volcano. He's also a great detective and a pretty good reporter. Peter even proves himself to be a fine actor by playing Benedict Arnold in the school play, a role he later lives to regret. Nevertheless, he is a fun-loving boy whom girls adored later in the original series. He has a non-related twin named Arthur Owens.[1]

Peter is the only one in the family with brown eyes - all the others had blue or green eyes.

Peter later joins the military for career guidance.[2] Later, he is an administrative assistant, at one point working under his fiancée, Valerie; they later end their engagement. Still later, he is a business partner with Bobby. Peter is the only Brady child to not have a permanent spouse or significant other.[3]


Peter is mentioned to be 11 in the newspaper article in "The Hero" (20 February 1970).

Peter says he is 12 in the Season 2 episode "Lights Out" (19 February 1971).

He is implied to be 13 in Season 3 episode "Dough Re Mi" (14 January 1972), when Carol asks Alice how old Greg was when his voice started to break, and Alice tells Greg was 13 then.

In next season's episode, "How to Succeed in Business?" (23 February 1973), he is established at 14 when he mentions that he's a "failure already at 14".

In the Season 5 episode, "Peter and the Wolf" (12 October 1973), Peter is 15.


  • The Tattle-Tale is the only episode in the entire series where Peter does not make any appearance.

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