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Jan and Phillp Very Brady Christmas

Phillip and Jan in A Very Brady Christmas

Philip Covington III is a character in The Brady Brides, A Very Brady Christmas, and The Bradys. He was played by Ron Kuhlman.

About Philip[]

Jan's uptight husband Philip often clashes with Marcia's slovenly husband Wally. Philip is a college science professor and is several years older than Jan, while Wally is, when steadily working, a fun-loving salesman for a large toy company. Wally could be quite a slob compared to the Phillip, who was rather the neat freak.[1]

Philip becomes so wrapped up in his work that he ignores the needs of Jan, and they separate as the two contemplate divorce. When they arrive at the Brady home for the Christmas family gathering, tensions continue between the troubled couple as Carol tries desperately to get the two, who were unwilling to even sleep together, to patch things up in their relationship. Somehow, the "Christmas Spirit" seems to take over them and the whole Brady family. After Mike rescues some construction workers, he becomes trapped in the building himself. The entire family, the press, and spectators appear at the site as the police are able to rescue Mike. The family then begins a rendition of "O Come All Ye Faithful", which seems to lead Phillip and Jan, whose hearts are warmed by the rescue of Mike and the construction workers, to consider their circumstance, and to reconcile.[2]

In The Bradys, Phillip and Jan's marriage remains intact, although now, they struggle to conceive a child of their own. They later decide to adopt a Korean girl, named Patti.[3]