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Saved by the Bell is a teen sitcom about a high school teenager named Zack Morris and his friends.

References to The Brady Bunch[]

  • In the episode "The Gift", Screech gains the ability to predict the future and Zack says that his new powers are more incredible than The Brady Bunch reunion.
  • In the episode "The Mamas and The Papas", Zack sits around in his room just watching The Brady Bunch.
  • In the episode "1-900-CRUSHED", Lisa tells Kelly to stop talking like The Brady Bunch after she makes some cheesy statement about love.
  • In the episode "From Nurse to Worse", Screech is excited about The Brady Bunch coming back.
  • In the episode "The Last Weekend", Zack wants for his friends to ask important questions, but Screech just asks him if The Brady Bunch will ever get a reboot.
  • In the episode "Marry Me", Zack admits to Kelly that he used to have a celebrity crush on Marcia Brady when he was in kindergarten.
  • In the episode "My Best Friends", Heavy sings the show's theme song on karaoke night.
  • In the episode "Balancing Act", Nicky wears a 1970s costume and Maria compliments it by saying how it's very "Brady."