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Scrubs is a hospital drama sitcom about a group of medical students, learning to become doctors.

References to The Brady Bunch[]

  • In the episode, "My Fruitcups", JD and Turk prove to have extensive knowledge of The Brady Bunch. Turk refers to the episode, "Marcia Gets Creamed" and describes the overall plot.
    • Turk erroneously calls it the third episode of season five, when it's really the seventh episode of season five in broadcast order, and the fifth episode of season five in production order.
  • In the episode, "My Fishbowl", Dr. Cox rudely addresses JD as the female given name, "Alice", which makes JD start picturing Dr. Cox as Alice Nelson.
  • In the episode, "My Soul on Fire, Part 1", JD tells Turk that they're going to Hawaii, just like The Brady Bunch did in the episode "Hawaii Bound".