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Season 2 of The Brady Bunch began with the episode "The Dropout", which was aired on 25 September 1970. A total of 24 episodes were aired, with the season finale episode, "Tell It Like It Is", airing on 19 March 1971.

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
1 26 "The Dropout" Peter Baldwin Ben Gershman 25 September 1970 026
Greg's ego runs amok after a compliment from Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team pitcher Don Drysdale. When Greg decides to dedicate his whole life to the sport, Mike invites Drysdale over to talk about the drawbacks of life on the road, making sure Greg overhears. However, it only convinces Greg more that he is the next big thing. It takes a 12-run shelling in his Pony League game to knock Greg back to reality.
2 27 "The Babysitters" Oscar Rudolph Bruce Howard 2 October 1970 027

Greg and Marcia convince Mike and Carol that they can babysit Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy. Carol and Mike go out to a fancy restaurant and eventually both of them agree they need to go check on the kids. Meanwhile, the kids are doing fine. Then when Carol and Mike get home, Mike trips on a bike in the backyard. Marcia and Greg hear it and call the police. When the police arrive, Carol and Mike explain what had happened, while the kids watch through the window. Later, Carol and Mike go out to a movie and leave Greg and Marcia in charge.

Guest stars: Gil Stuart as the maitre d', Jerry Jones as a police officer (a second officer is uncredited)

3 28 "The Slumber Caper" Oscar Rudolph Tam Spiva 9 October 1970 030
Marcia is accused by the school principal J. P. Randolph (E.G. Marshall) of drawing an unflattering picture of her English teacher

Guest stars: Hope Sherwood (daughter of Sherwood Schwartz) as Jenny Wilton, Barbara Bernstein (daughter of Florence Henderson) as Ruthie, Carolyn Reed (daughter of Robert Reed) as Karen, and as Paula Tardy

4 29 "The Un-Underground Movie" Jack Arnold Albert E. Lewin 16 October 1970 029
Greg plans to make a documentary film about the first Thanksgiving for a school project, starring the Bradys and Alice. The family becomes too much for Greg because of their constant complaining, but later they realize how hard they had been on Greg. They apologize and promise to do whatever Greg says, and the movie is finally made.
5 30 "Going, Going... Steady" Oscar Rudolph David P. Harmon 23 October 1970 025
Marcia's new boyfriend Harvey Klinger is a nerdy insect collector. The family initially helps Marcia win Harvey's affection, including tutoring her on bugs. When Marcia succeeds, Carol and Mike feel uneasy about Marcia starting to "go steady".
6 31 "Call Me Irresponsible" Hal Cooper Bruce Howard 30 October 1970 033

Greg wants money to buy a new car so Mike hires him as an office assistant at Mike's architectural firm. Greg is fired on the first day after losing important blueprints at a newsstand. Mike convinces Ed Phillips to give Greg another chance, and Greg is rehired. Greg, however, loses a second set of plans, but manages to find them.

NotesJack Collins begins a recurring role for season two, as Ed Phillips. Susan Olsen (Cindy) does not appear in this episode. 

Guest stars: Annette Ferra as Randy Peterson, Bob Peoples as Mr. Peterson, William "Billy" Benedict as the newsstand vendor, Barbara Morrison as the drama coach,Gordon Jump as the mechanic.

7 32 "The Treasure of Sierra Avenue" Oscar Rudolph Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov 6 November 1970 028

The boys discover a wallet containing $1,100 in a vacant lot. The girls want a share of the money but the boys refuse, causing tension between the groups. Mike and Carol tell the kids that they must turn the wallet in to the police. In the process, the boys learn that honesty and integrity are more important in life than "finders keepers".

Guest starVictor Kilian as Mr. Stoner

8 33 "A Fistful of Reasons" Oscar Rudolph Tam Spiva 13 November 1970 035

A bully named Buddy Hinton teases Cindy about her lisp. Peter tries to defend Cindy, but backs out of a fight with Buddy, and Buddy tells everyone at school that Peter is "chicken". Mike tells Peter to reason with Buddy, but instead Peter ends up with a black eye. Mike tells Peter that he can defend himself and Cindy if Buddy teases again. The next day, Peter and Cindy are again teased by Buddy, but this time Peter punches him, which knocks Buddy's tooth out.

Guest stars: Russell Schulman as Buddy HintonPaul Sorensen as Ralph Hinton, Ceil Cabot as Mrs. Hinton

Note: Eve Plumb (Jan) does not appear in this episode.

9 34 "The Not-So-Ugly Duckling" Irving J. Moore Paul West 20 November 1970 038
When her crush on classmate Clark Tyson goes unrequited, Jan makes up a new boyfriend, "George Glass". Carol realizes that Jan's tomboyish clothing is the reason Clark is not really interested in her. Clark and Jan later hit it off, and "George" is a part of Jan's past.
10 35 "The Tattle-Tale" Russ Mayberry Sam Locke & Milton Pascal 4 December 1970 032

Cindy's constant tattling is becoming a problem, and her siblings start to avoid her. Things reach a head after Cindy tells Sam that Alice was hugging the mailman (John Wheeler) and Sam misinterprets it, causing tension between Alice and Sam. (Alice was just very happy that a package came, which was part of the subplot where Alice was entering many contests and finally won one of them. She won a stereo system which was put in the family room and the first record the Bradys acquired was the best of Gilbert & Sullivan).

Note: Christopher Knight (Peter) does not appear in this episode. This is one of two Brady Bunch episodes disliked by Susan Olsen, as it caused her problems in real life.

11 36 "What Goes Up..." Leslie H. Martinson William Raynor & Myles Wilder 11 December 1970 036

Bobby convinces Peter to let him into the treehouse. After he falls from the treehouse, Bobby becomes scared of heights, which the family tries to help him overcome. Bobby's fear is cured when he is forced to rescue his pet parakeet.

Guest starsBrian Tochi as Tommy, Sean Kelly as Tim, Jimmy Bracken as Jimmy

Notes: Maureen McCormick (Marcia) does not appear in this episode. In the trampoline scene Carol calls Peter by his portrayer's name 'Chris', and Greg calls Jan by her portrayer's name 'Eve'.

12 37 "Confessions, Confessions" Russ Mayberry Brad Radnitz 18 December 1970 031
Peter fears he will be grounded and will miss an upcoming camping trip after breaking Carol's vase while playing ball in the house. (In his dream sequence, the ball repeatedly breaks the vase with different visual effects, and Peter's and Bobby's voices are repeatedly heard, "Mom's favorite vase." "She always says, 'Don't play ball in the house.'")[11] All of the other kids conspire to cover up what Peter has done, and assist in gluing the vase together. The damage nevertheless comes to light when water trickles between the vase's glued cracks and onto the dinner table.[12] All of the Brady kids, except Peter, confess. The parents realize what has happened and decree that Peter must decide the kids' punishments, and take Peter shopping for a new lantern for his camping trip, hoping he will confess. Instead, Peter wants the lantern. His conscience finally catches up with him and he admits to breaking the vase, voluntarily decides not to go camping, and does all of the chores he had handed out to the others as punishment.
13 38 "The Impractical Joker" Oscar Rudolph Burt Styler 1 January 1971 034

Jan starts playing practical jokes, one of which results in the escape of Greg's science project mouse, Myron.

Note: This episode sparked an argument between Robert Reed and Sherwood Schwartz over Mike's dialogue with the mouse.[10]

14 39 "Where There's Smoke" Oscar Rudolph David P. Harmon 8 January 1971 041

Greg is coerced by friend Tommy to smoke. This is seen by Cindy and Jan, and the news gets back to Carol and Mike. They challenge Greg who insists he did not like it and will not smoke again. Later Carol sees a packet of cigarettes fall from Greg's jacket, though he can't understand how they got there. Tommy's mother who runs an anti-smoking committee, removes Carol from the committee due to Greg's smoking. Alice realizes that the jacket with the cigarettes was not Greg's; his has a repaired tear. It is Tommy's jacket, and they were Tommy's cigarettes. Tommy tries to switch the jackets. Greg forces Tommy to admit the truth to Mike and Carol, and Tommy's mother overhears.

Guest stars: Bobby Cramer as Johnny, Gary Marsh as PhilCraig Hundley as Tommy Johnson, Marie Denn as Mrs. Johnson

Note: This is the first episode where Greg plays guitar and sings. The song is "Till I Met You", which Barry Williams co-wrote.

15 40 "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?" Peter Baldwin Bill Freedman & Al Schwartz 15 January 1971 042

Peter and Jan are invited to a party. Peter is reluctant to attend. Jan decides she needs a new look and buys a dark wig to stand out at the party. The plan fails when party-goers believe the ridiculous new look is Jan playing a joke, and she runs home in tears. Jan's friends show up to explain no offense was intended: they thought it was a joke because Jan's real hair is so beautiful.

Guest starsMarcia Wallace as wig store sales assistant, Pamelyn Ferdin as Lucy Winters, Karen Foulkes as Margie Whipple

16 41 "The Drummer Boy" Oscar Rudolph Tom & Helen August 22 January 1971 040

Bobby is depressed after being rejected from joining the Glee Club, so Mike suggests a musical instrument. He chooses the drums, but his talentless efforts drive the family and the neighbors crazy. Peter is relentlessly teased because he plays football and sings for the Glee Club. Just as he is about to quit the Glee Club, he and the other football players learn a lesson from Los Angeles Rams defensive end Deacon Jones.

Guest starsBart LaRue as the coach, Jimmy Bracken as Larry, Pierre Williams as Jimmy, Dennis McDougal as Freddy

17 42 "Coming-Out Party" Oscar Rudolph Alfred Lewis Levitt & Helen Levitt 29 January 1971 037

Just as Mike's boss Ed Phillips (Jack Collins) invites the Brady family for an outing on his boat, Cindy comes down with tonsillitis. Dr. Howard (John Howard) thinks Cindy's tonsillectomy could be performed after the trip, but then discovers that Carol also has tonsillitis. Mike decides to postpone the boat trip, but the trip gets canceled when Carol inadvertently insults Mr. Phillips. The confusion is later resolved and the family goes on the trip.

Note: Mike Lookinland (Bobby) does not appear in this episode.

18 43 "Our Son, the Man" Jack Arnold Albert E. Lewin 5 February 1971 043

Greg tries too hard to act like an older teenager: he wants his own room and, in trying to pick up an older girl, tries acting too mature for his age at school. He gets Mike's den as a room since the attic is too small. Greg refuses to participate in family activities such as planning the annual family camping trip. Greg soon realizes that he has a lot of growing up to do.

Note: Carol suggests they make Greg's room in the attic but Mike says that would only work if Greg were only two and a half feet tall, meaning it was too small. A later episode shows the family cleaning the attic and it is large enough to become a bedroom. 

Guest starsJulie Cobb as the young lady, and Chris Beaumont as the young man

19 44 "The Liberation of Marcia Brady" Russ Mayberry Charles Hoffman 12 February 1971 044
At school, Marcia is approached by a television news reporter Ken Jones (playing himself in a cameo) doing a story on the women's liberation movement. Greg watches the news report and tries to rebut his sister's comments. Marcia decides to make a point by declaring that she is joining the Frontier Scouts, an all-male Scouting organization to prove she is more than capable of completing the initiation tasks. Too old to be able to do the same in retaliation for Marcia's Sunflower Girls, Greg decides to enlist Peter to join in his stead. While Peter's attempt to sell cookies wilts under his gross embarrassment, Marcia proves she is well suited to join the Frontier Scouts by passing all the tests. Marcia ultimately does not join, she just wanted to make her point known.
20 45 "Lights Out" Oscar Rudolph Bruce Howard 19 February 1971 045
Cindy develops a fear of the dark after seeing a magician's "disappearing lady" act at a party. Peter helps Cindy deal with her fear by asking her to be his assistant for a magic act at his school's upcoming talent show. The whole thing is nearly undermined when Bobby plays a cruel joke on his sister, but Cindy shows courage when she learns that Peter's new assistant, Jan, hurt herself in gym class.
21 46 "The Winner" Robert Reed Elroy Schwartz 26 February 1971 046
When Cindy comes home with a first-place trophy best jacks player, Bobby realizes that he is the only Brady family member with no first place trophy. He first tries entering a magazine selling contest and seems to be successful, until Cindy unwittingly reveals that Mike and Carol have asked their friends to buy subscriptions from him, Bobby quits, as he wants to win a trophy on his own. He wins a place on the Kartoon King (Hal Smith) TV show, where he takes part in an ice cream eat-off. Bobby does not win the eat-off, but his siblings throw him a surprise party, giving him a first place award for trying the hardest.
22 47 "Double Parked" Jack Arnold Skip Webster 5 March 1971 047

Carol leads the family in campaigning against city hall to save their neighborhood park. However, battle lines are drawn when the park may be the site of a new courthouse Mike is designing. The Bradys argue over the fate of the park. When Mike's boss Ed Phillips (Jack Collins) confronts him, he saves the day when his design moves the courthouse to a new site.

Guest stars: Carolyn Stellar as Greg's school teacher, Jackie Coogan as the man

23 48 "Alice's September Song" Oscar Rudolph Elroy Schwartz 12 March 1971 048
Alice's dashing former sweetheart, Mark Millard (Stephen Dunne), shows up at the Brady doorstep wanting to rekindle their romance. However, Mark only wants to get back with Alice to lure her into a fraudulent scheme. The Bradys discover his ruse, and convince Alice of his true motivations.
24 49 "Tell It Like It Is" Terry Becker Charles Hoffman 19 March 1971 039

Carol is invited to tell her family's story for Tomorrow's Woman Magazine, but the story is rejected for being too realistic. During a second interview, Carol exaggerates her "liberation" in the hopes of getting the article published. The truth about Carol's exaggeration is revealed when the editors visit the Brady home.

Guest star  Dick Simmons as Mr. Delafield.