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"The Brady Bunch" TV series: Season 5[]

The Brady Bunch: Season 5
The-Brady-Bunch-Season 5-DVD-cover
"The Brady Bunch" Season 5 DVD cover.
Episodes aired:
Dates aired:
14 September 1973 - 5 March 1974
ABC-TV/United States
Previous Season: Season 4
Next Season: None/End of series

This page lists all the episodes for Season 5, the final season of the ABC-TV series The Brady Bunch. The season began with the pilot episode "Adios, Johnny Bravo", which first aired on September 14, 1973. A total of 22 episodes were aired, with the series' finale episode, "Hair-Brained Scheme", airing on March 8, 1974.

Season 5 (1973-1974)[]

22 episodes

No. in season No. in series Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1 96 "Adios, Johnny Bravo Jerry London Joanna Lee 14 September 1973 099

After the Brady kids perform a song together, slick-talking talent scout Tami Cutler (Claudia Jennings) wants to sign Greg to a solo recording contract and make him over into a singer named Johnny Bravo. Greg alienates his siblings in pursuing this, and upsets his parents when he announces plans to postpone college. Greg anticipates solo stardom, but when he discovers his recordings have been electronically "sweetened", confronts Tami. Tami and her associate admit they liked Greg only because he "fit the suit", prompting Greg to walk out.

Guest stars: Jeff Davis as Hal Barton, Paul Cavonis as Buddy Berkman

Featured songs: "You've Got To Be In Love To Love a Love Song", "Good Time Music"

2 97 "Mail Order Hero" Bruce Bilson Martin Ragaway 21 September 1973 097
Discovering the New York Jets will be playing in town, Bobby boasts to his friends that he personally knows their quarterback Joe Namath. When Bobby's friends demand he back his words, Cindy secretly helps to arrange Namath's visit, by writing the star quarterback and claiming that Bobby is deathly ill. Bobby learns of Cindy's plan only when Namath comes to visit and plays along, but Mike and Carol catch on to the plan. Meanwhile, Jan is learning first aid in the subplot.
3 98 "Snow White and the Seven Bradys" Bruce Bilson Ben Starr 28 September 1973 096

At Cindy's behest the family and Sam (Allan Melvin) put on a backyard theater production of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to raise funds for a retirement gift for Cindy's popular teacher Mrs. Whitfield (Frances Whitfield). When it is discovered Alice has already eaten the "poisoned apple" while rehearsing, Sam and Mike rush to the store (in costume) to buy an apple. Sam receives a parking fine, and the policeman says they must have a permit to host the production. A permit is granted on short notice allowing the show to go on.

Note: The cast of the production is 'Snow White' played by Carol, 'Prince Charming' played by Mike, 'Dopey' played by Sam, 'Doc' played by Greg, 'Sneezy' played by Peter, 'Sleepy' played by Marcia, 'Happy' played by Jan, 'Bashful' played by Bobby, 'Grumpy' played by Cindy, and 'the wicked queen' played by Alice.

4 99 "Never Too Young" Richard Michaels Larry RhineAl Schwartz 5 October 1973 100
After defending one of Cindy's friends at school, Bobby receives his first kiss. However, his new girlfriend Millicent (Melissa Sue Anderson) warns him that she may have the mumps. Bobby is worried he may jeopardize the Roaring Twenties party, which is the subplot, being organized by the family, by infecting everyone. However, it is a false alarm, and the party proceeds as planned.
5 100 "Peter and the Wolf" Leslie H. Martinson Tam Spiva 12 October 1973 101
Greg's date Sandra (Cindi Crosby) cancels when her cousin Linda (Linda Gibboney) visits from out of town. Wanting to salvage the date, Greg plans a double date. When no one wants to pair up with Linda, he turns to Peter, passing him off as a "friend" in his high school class named "Phil Packer". Linda and Sandra discover Greg's ruse but do not let on, and hatch a plan of revenge at a pizza parlor. In the subplot, Carol and Mike – on Jan's and Marcia's recommendations for great pizza – are entertaining a conservative client Juan Calderon and his wife Maria there. Sandra and Linda's revenge almost jeopardizes Mike's deal.
6 101 "Getting Greg's Goat" Robert Reed Sam Locke & Milton Pascal 19 October 1973 102

Greg is involved in the heist of a rival school's mascot (a goat named Raquel) in retaliation for the stealing of Westdale's mascot (a bear cub). Greg hides Raquel in his attic room, but this leads to a series of misunderstandings (most notably Mike thinking that Greg is keeping a girl in his room). Mike finds out about Raquel and suggests to Greg to set up a secret exchange of mascots with the other school. A last minute P.T.A. meeting at the Brady house ruins their plans, and they must hide Raquel from the group. They are eventually caught, and Greg's vice principal Mr. Binkley orders Greg to write a 5,000-word report on mascot stealing.

Guest starsSandra Gould as Mrs. GouldMargarita Cordova as the PTA member, George D. Wallace as Mr. Binkley

7 102 "Marcia Gets Creamed" Peter Baldwin Bill Freedman & Ben Gershman 26 October 1973 105

Marcia gets a job at a local ice cream shop. When her boss Mr. Haskell (Henry Corden) wants to start taking afternoons off, he puts Marcia in charge and hires Peter. Peter continually goofs off, so Marcia fires him and hires Jan as a replacement. Marcia is too busy for her boyfriend Jeff, who stops at the shop with another girl to make Marcia jealous. Marcia, angered by the stunt, squirts them with whipped cream. Mr. Haskell realizes that he is much happier running the shop than he is taking afternoons off, and lets Marcia go, keeping the harder working Jan. Marcia is at odds with Jan, but at least she now has plenty of time for Jeff. Peter surprises everyone by getting a new job at a pizza parlor. In the subplot, Alice is having a tough time sticking to her diet so she and Carol force Mike to go on one as well.

Guest stars: Michael Gray as Jeff, Kimberly Beck as the young lady

8 103 "My Brother's Keeper" Ross Bowman Michael Morris 2 November 1973 106

Bobby saves Peter from being struck by a falling ladder in their backyard. Peter, grateful to Bobby for saving his life, offers to become Bobby's "servant for life". Bobby takes advantage of the situation, forcing Peter to do all Bobby's chores. Peter soon regrets his offer, and breaks the pledge. The feud between Peter and Bobby causes Peter to tape a line across the middle of their shared bedroom; Bobby emphasizes that the bathroom is on his side by going in and flushing the toilet. Bobby is later accidentally locked in their bedroom closet; Peter arrives and opens the door, rescuing him. To resolve the dispute, Bobby effusively praises Peter for this supposedly heroic, life saving rescue. In the subplot, the girls' room is being wallpapered.

Note: Although the toilet is never seen in the series, it is heard to be flushed for the only time in this episode.

9 104 "Quarterback Sneak" Peter Baldwin Bill Freedman & Ben Gershman 9 November 1973 104
Greg's rival high school quarterback Jerry Rogers (Chris Beaumont) feigns interest in Marcia, but only to get the Westdale High School football team's playbook. Greg tries to warn Marcia about Jerry, and Bobby backs Greg's story when he sees Jerry try to steal the playbook. Greg devises a phony playbook and convinces Marcia to invite Jerry over. Marcia discovers his true intentions and dumps him. Mike tells Greg his deception was just as dishonest as Jerry stealing the playbook and tells him to correct things. Jerry's coach learns he stole the phony playbook and suspends him. In the subplot, Carol is visited by her egomaniacal high school sweetheart, Tank Gates (Denny Miller).
10 105 "Try, Try Again" George Tyne Larry Rhine & Al Schwartz 16 November 1973 107
When she finds she simply has no talent as a ballet dancer, Jan tries to find something she is good at. She tries tap dancing and acting, but fails at both. However, while "acting" as a painter, one of Jan's teachers (Judy Landon) realizes her artistic talent, and Jan finds her niche as a painter. Meanwhile Mike cooks the family a gourmet dinner in the subplot.
11 106 "The Cincinnati Kids" Leslie H. Martinson Larry Rhine & Al Schwartz 23 November 1973 103

The Bradys travel to Kings Island amusement park in Mason, Ohio, near Cincinnati, where Mike's company hopes to win the contract to build an addition. The hopes are jeopardized when Jan unknowingly walks off with the plans, leaving Mike with her poster of Yogi Bear. The family furiously scrambles to retrace their steps. Jan finds the sketches and the family rushes the plans to Mike and the park's board of directors before the 1 p.m. deadline.

Guest starsHilary Thompson as Marge, Bob Hoffman as the attendant, Lloyd J.Schwartz as the bear  

Note: This episode was filmed on location at the then-new Kings Island amusement park 25 miles north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

12 107 "The Elopement" Jerry London Harry Winkler 7 December 1973 098

When Jan and Marcia overhear Alice and Sam discussing elopement, they mistakenly believe they plan to elope. The family prepares a wedding reception, while Carol begins interviewing a replacement housekeeper for Alice's honeymoon. Sam (Allan Melvin) and Alice were actually discussing a cousin's elopement, and reveal the misunderstanding at the reception. In the subplot, Bobby is trying to learn to play the organ on an old portable.

Note: At the end of the episode Alice announces to Carol and Mike that she and Sam are engaged. There is no subsequent mention of a wedding in the series.

13 108 "Miss Popularity" Jack Donohue Martin Ragaway 21 December 1973 110 

To win the title of her school's Most Popular Girl competition, Jan makes a host of promises to her friends. She wins the competition but fails to make good on the promises and becomes an insufferable snob. Realizing she is losing her friends, Jan sets out to right her wrongs. Meanwhile Carol and Mike try to plan a second honeymoon.

Guest starsJerelyn Fields as Shirley, Darryl Seman as Herman

14 109 "Kelly's Kids" Richard Michaels Sherwood Schwartz 4 January 1974 107

Ken (Ken Berry) and Kathy Kelly (Brooke Bundy), friends of Carol and Mike, plan to adopt a boy named Matt (Todd Lookinland (Mike Lookinland's brother)) from a local orphanage. By chance they also adopt Matt's two best friends: Dwayne (William Attmore II), an African-American and Steve (Carey Wong), who is Asian-American, much to the chagrin of the Kelly family's bigoted neighbor Mrs. Payne (Molly Dodd).

Notes: This is the only episode other than the pilot episode, "The Honeymoon", credited to Sherwood Schwartz. It is a backdoor pilot for a planned series that was never produced. Sherwood Schwartz used the concept for Together We Stand in 1986, which would later relaunch as Nothing Is Easy in 1987.[1] Due to the episode being produced before "Miss Popularity", Cindy still wears her hair in pigtails (for the last time), yet in previous episode she had already let her hair down.

15 110 "The Driver's Seat" Jack Arnold George Tibbles 11 January 1974 109

After a nervous non-start at her first driver's examination, Marcia gets her license on her second try, and is soon engaged in a debate with Greg over which gender has the better driving abilities. To put their argument to rest, Mike creates a driving course for them both to run. Greg gets over-anxious and loses to Marcia. In the end, Bobby and Cindy attempt to make a similar contest in bike-riding, but after seeing Greg suffering, Bobby backs out of it. In the subplot, Jan is preparing for a crucial debate on her debate team. Nervous about presenting in front of people, Mike gives her the advice to picture them in their underwear.

Guest star: Herb Vigran as the examiner

16 111 "Out of This World" Peter Baldwin Larry Rhine & Al Schwartz 18 January 1974 111

After meeting astronaut Brigadier General James McDivitt, Bobby and Peter are convinced that they have seen a UFO hover above their backyard then disappear, but it is only Greg playing a practical joke on them. Bobby and Peter tell the family and everyone at school about the "UFO". No one at school believes them so they seek proof by camping in the yard with a camera. The "UFO" reappears as they both start taking photos. Bobby later dreams about a UFO landing in the backyard with space aliens Herlo (Frank Delfino) and Shim (Sadie Delfino) emerging and interacting with him. Mike shows the developed "UFO" photos to the Air Force who send Captain James McGregor (James Flavin) of the local police force to investigate. Greg is forced to admit to the truth and loses use of the car for the weekend as punishment.

Note: Frank Delfino had previously been Mike Lookinland's stunt double, Sadie Delfino had previously been Susan Olsen's stunt double, before the kids grew too big. The obvious cut on Greg's lip, explained as a shaving accident in this episode, was actually the result of a traffic accident Barry Williams was involved in.[1]

17 112 "Welcome Aboard" Richard Michaels Larry Rhine & Al Schwartz 25 January 1974 112
Carol's nephew, Oliver (Robbie Rist), comes to live with the Bradys while his parents are in South America. He nearly wears out his welcome when he is involved in a series of minor accidents in his eagerness to help out. Oliver is convinced he is a jinx until his presence wins the family an award during a visit to a movie studio. Their prize is appearing in a 1920s-style slapstick movie.
18 113 "Two Petes in a Pod" Richard Michaels Sam Locke & Milton Pascal 8 February 1974 113
Peter meets Arthur Owens (Christopher Knight), an exact "double" of his with glasses, at school after making a date with a girl named Michelle (Kathy O'Dare). When Arthur makes a date with Pamela (Denise Nickerson) (a niece of Mike's boss Ed Phillips) while masquerading as Peter as a gag, Peter must enlist Arthur's help to avoid breaking either date. Carol and Mike catch on, but Pamela is actually attracted to Arthur, and Michelle is finally attracted to Peter.
19 114 "Top Secret" Bernard Wiesen Howard Ostroff 15 February 1974 116

Bobby and Oliver (Robbie Rist) jump to all sorts of conclusions when Mike is visited by Fred Sanders (Don Fenwick) an FBI agent (to get security clearances for a government project), and subsequently is asked to help Sam with a "top secret" project to expand his store. The boys believe Sam is passing information to the Russians when they see him conferring with his landlord, Mr. Gronsky (Lew Palter), about the project, and lock Sam and Gronsky in the meat locker. Mike is able to free the two and everything is cleared up. Meanwhile Sam's request of Mike to draw plans for a "top secret" project lead Alice, Carol, Marcia, Jan and Cindy to assume that he is about to ask Alice to marry him, and that Mike is designing a home for them.

Note: This is Allan Melvin's final appearance as Sam Franklin.

20 115 "The Snooperstar" Bruce Bilson Harry Winkler 22 February 1974 114

To teach Cindy a lesson in reading her diary without permission, Marcia teases her by creating fake entries, with some help from Jan, about a Hollywood agent planning to discover Cindy and make her into the next Shirley Temple. Cindy becomes convinced that Mike's fussy client Penelope Fletcher (Natalie Schafer) is the talent scout, and Marcia can't talk Cindy out of this notion. Cindy shocks Mike with her impromptu Shirley Temple performance for Penelope, but Penelope is charmed by the act, ensuring that he will get the contract.

Note: This is the second of two episodes Susan Olsen disliked. This episode was planned to be made for first season, but wasn't picked up before 5th season and she didn't like playing a five-year old Shirley Temple at the age of 12.

21 116 "The Hustler" Michael Kane Bill Freedman & Ben Gershman 1 March 1974 115

The Bradys receive a pool table as a thank you gift from Mike's boss, and Bobby quickly becomes a billiards expert. Bobby shows off his skills during Mike and Carol's cocktail party, soundly beating Mike's boss. The Bradys decide that, as nice as the gift is, they have no room for the pool table and give it to charity.

Guest star: Jim Backus as Harry Matthews.

22 117 "The Hair-Brained Scheme" Jack Arnold Charles Stewart 8 March 1974 117

In the final episode of the series, Bobby is convinced he can get rich by selling Neat & Natural Hair Tonic. Bobby sells Greg a container which turns Greg's hair bright orange on the eve of his high school Graduation commencement. Greg is forced to go to the beauty parlor and dye his hair back before going to graduation.

Guest stars: Hope Sherwood (Sherwood Schwartz's daughter) as Gretchen, Barbara Bernstein (Florence Henderson's daughter) as Suzanne.  

Note: Robert Reed does not appear in this episode, due to dispute over the story involving the non-FDA approved bottle of hair tonic, which he thought was inane slapstick. After Reed wrote a large memo to the staff and Paramount, Sherwood Schwartz wrote him out of the episode.[1][10