The Brady Bunch Snickers Commerical

Snickers is a brand of candy bar made by Mars Incorporated.

In 2015, a Snickers commercial during The Super Bowl debuted, featuring a scene from The Brady Bunch episode "The Subject Was Noses", with Danny Trejo edited into the scene, replacing Marcia. He stood there, screaming in rage over Greg hitting him with a football and Carol told her to eat a Snickers. When she did, she turned back into her normal self again. Steve Buscemi then came down, portraying Jan, and angrily saying Jan's catchphrase, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" Carol then told her that this wasn't about her. Jan then screamed "It never is!" and ran back upstairs. The Snickers bar was then seen on screen, in the backdrop of the 3x3 grid of The Brady Bunch, ending the commercial.

Another commercial was seen with a clip from the same episode, with Danny in Marcia's place, brushing her hair. Carole then came knocking at the door and Danny screamed "Shut up, Mom!" to her and then started over with brushing her hair again.

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