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Snow White and the Seven Bradys
Season 5, Episode # 3
Number (#98) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Elven Havard
Frances Whitfield
Production code: 096
Writer(s) Ben Starr
Director Bruce Bilson
Original airdate 28 September 1973
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Snow White and the Seven Bradys is the third episode of Season 5 of The Brady Bunch, and the 98th overall episode of the series. Written by Ben Starr and directed by Bruce Bilson, it first aired 28 September 1973 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

The Bradys are surprised to learn they must perform a satire of the fairy tale, "Snow White".


Cindy's teacher, Mrs. Whitfield, is retiring. As a retirement gift, Mrs. Whitfield's retirement celebration committee, which includes Cindy and Carol, want to buy her a set of first edition books that she's always wanted, books that cost $200. To raise the money, Cindy suggests mounting a fund-raising stage production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She volunteers her whole family to act in the play, with Carol and Mike to be Snow White and Prince Charming.

Another problem for Cindy is that she is only one of six siblings - all of whom want to play Dopey - meaning she has to find yet another "dwarf." With less than a week until the production, Cindy runs into another problem as there is a mix-up in dates, and the theater booked is not available on the date requested. The final cast of the production is 'Snow White' played by Carol, 'Prince Charming' played by Mike, 'Dopey' played by Sam, 'Doc' played by Greg, 'Sneezy' played by Peter, 'Sleepy' played by Marcia, 'Happy' played by Jan, 'Bashful' played by Bobby, 'Grumpy' played by Cindy, and 'the wicked queen' played by Alice.

When it is discovered Alice has already eaten the "poisoned apple" while rehearsing, Sam and Mike rush to the store in costume to buy an apple. Sam receives a parking fine, and the policeman says they must have a permit to host the production. A permit is granted on short notice allowing the show to go on.


  • Frances Whitfield was actually the tutor for the six Brady kids actors.

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