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This is the template page for the Infobox for actors on the Married with Children series.


This infobox is used to list the films of Brady Bunch film series. The infobox may be added by pasting the template as

shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be


Template Code

Blank template with basic parameters

{{Infobox film 
The template example, properly typed,
{{Infobox film
|title= ''[[The Brady Bunch Movie]]''
|type= Comedy/Theatre release
|image= The Brady Bunch Movie opening screenshot.png|250px
|caption=''The Brady Bunch Movie'' opening screenshot
|previous= N/A
|sequel= ''[[A Very Brady Sequel]]'' (1996)
|based_on = Characters created by [[Sherwood Schwartz]]
|cast=[[Gary Cole]]<br />[[Shelley Long]]<br />[[Henriette Mantel]]<br />[[Christopher Daniel Barnes]]<br />[[Christine Taylor]]<br />Paul Sutera<br />[[Jennifer Elise Cox]]<br />[[Jesse Soffer|Jesse Lee]]<br />[[Alanna Ubach]]<br />[[Olivia Hack]]
|director= [[Arlene Sanford]]
|producer= [[Alan Ladd, Jr.]]<br>[[David Kirkpatrick]]<br>[[Sherwood Schwartz]]
|writer=[[Bonnie Turner]]<br>[[Terry Turner]]<br>[[Laurice Elehawny]]<br>[[Rick Copp]] 
|distributor= [[Wikipedia:Paramount Pictures|Paramount Pictures]]
|runtime=89 min.
|country=United States/English
|released = August 17, 1995
|gross= $54,000,000
should result in this
Infobox film
The Brady Bunch Movie opening screenshot.png

The Brady Bunch Movie opening screenshot

Film/TV series name: The Brady Bunch Movie
Film/Series type/genre: Comedy/Theatre release
Based upon: Characters created by Sherwood Schwartz
Starring: Gary Cole
Shelley Long
Henriette Mantel
Christopher Daniel Barnes
Christine Taylor
Paul Sutera
Jennifer Elise Cox
Jesse Lee
Alanna Ubach
Olivia Hack
Production Information
Preceded by: N/A
Followed by: A Very Brady Sequel (1996)
Produced by: Alan Ladd, Jr.
David Kirkpatrick
Sherwood Schwartz
Written by: Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner
Laurice Elehawny
Rick Copp
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Film.series length: 89 min.
United States/English
Date(s) premiered/released: August 17, 1995
Film Budget: $12,000,000
Box office gross: $54,000,000

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