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The Babysitters is the second episode of Season 2 of the The Brady Bunch, and the 27th overall episode of the series. Written by Bruce Howard and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 2 October 1970 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Greg and Marcia are left in charge of babysitting their younger siblings for the first time, but Cindy's sniffles cast a pall on Mike and Carol's planned night at the theater.


Mike is able to secure tickets for an excited Carol and him to attend a show this evening that's long been sold out. Carol's excitement turns to disappointment when she realizes that Alice can't look after the kids as she already has her own important plans for the night. So they contemplate hiring a babysitter, news which doesn't sit well with Greg and Marcia, who feel they are too old for babysitters, especially as kids their age are already doing such work. When Greg and Marcia confront their parents, Carol and Mike realize that they are correct and allow them to stay at home babysitterless.

After laying down the ground rules, about which the other four kids are not too happy i.e. they needing to follow Greg and Marcia's orders, Carol begins to get worried about the night out when it looks like Cindy might be coming down with a cold. They agree they need to go check on the kids. Meanwhile, the kids are doing fine. Then when Carol and Mike get home, Mike trips on a bike in the backyard. Marcia and Greg hear it and call the police. When the police arrive, Carol and Mike explain what had happened, while the kids watch through the window.