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The Brady Braves is the third episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 52nd overall episode of the series. Written by Tam Spiva and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 1 October 1971 on ABC. It is Part 3 of a three-part story arc, and filmed entirely on location at the Grand Canyon

Short Summary[]

Mike meets with the young Native American, who believes his old-school grandfather will decry the boy's dreams of becoming an astronaut, then the family goes to a rain dance and gets honorary tribe names.


Bobby and Cindy, scared as they are lost on the floor of the Grand Canyon, ultimately find and befriend Jimmy Pocaya, the Indian boy they were chasing when they got lost and who lives in the canyon with his family. Jimmy had run away, wanting to hide from his grandfather, but promises to help them get back to their camp, but in turn he asks them not to tell anyone they saw him. In addition, Bobby and Cindy also promise to bring him some food. After Bobby and Cindy return to the camp and their relieved family, they find that it isn't as easy to sneak away this second time around with their vigilant family watching over them.

The two bring Jimmy some hot dogs and baked beans, only to be caught by Greg and Peter. The four are then caught by Mike, and Bobby is forced to mention Jimmy. Mike talks to Jimmy about why he chose to run away. Jimmy explains that while he loves his home and his grandfather, he has grown bored with his grandfather's talks about their heritage, and wants to be an astronaut. Fearing his grandfather would not understand, he ran away. Mike provide sage adult advice to him to talks to his grandfather about it, but only Jimmy can decide to take that advice or not. Jimmy ultimately decides to return and talk to his grandfather. Chief Eagle Cloud, Jimmy's grandfather, who's extremely grateful to Mike for his advice, is proud of his grandson's ambition, and he invites the Bradys to participate in a ceremony making them honorary members of his tribe. They each receive titles: Big Eagle of Large Nest/Mike, Yellow Flower with Many Petals/Carol, Stalking Wolf/Greg, who claims the girls call him the same, Middle Buffalo or Sleeping Lizard/Peter, neither of which impress him, Wandering Blossom/Cindy, Little Bear Who Loses Way/Bobby, Dove of Morning Light/Jan, Willow Dancing in Wind/Marcia, and Squaw in Waiting/Alice, who requests it be a short wait.