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The Brady Brides
The Brady Brides opening screenshot

The Brady Brides opening screenshot

Film/TV series name: The Brady Brides
Film/Series type/genre: Comedy/ TV Series (NBC-TV), originally made as a TV film, The Brady Girls Get Married TV film (NBC, 1981)
Based upon: Characters created by Sherwood Schwartz
Starring: Maureen McCormick
Eve Plumb
Jerry Houser
Ron Kuhlman
Ann B. Davis
Florence Henderson
Keland Love
Production Information
Preceded by: The Brady Bunch Hour (ABC, 1976-77)
Followed by: The Bradys (CBS-TV, 1990)
Produced by: Lloyd J. Schwartz
Sherwood Schwartz
Written by: Various, including Sherwood Schwartz
Distributed by: Paramount Television
Film.series length: 25 min.
United States/English
Date(s) premiered/released: aired from 5 February 1981 - 17 April 1981 (U.S.)

The Brady Brides is a 1981 sitcom which aired on NBC-TV that was co-developed and produced by Lloyd J. Schwartz, and with Sherwood Schwartz. The series' storyline was a continuation of the 1970s ABC television series The Brady Bunch.

It was produced by Paramount Televison for the NBC-TV and first aired in February 5, 1981.

Brides Marcia and Jan

Blushing "Brady Brides" Marcia (left) and Jan (right) in opening scene from the TV series.

Brady Brides cast

The Brady Brides cast: (Clockwise, from top left, Ron Kuhlman (Phillip Covington III, Jan's husband, Jan Brady-Covington (Eve Plumb), Wally Logan (Jerry Houser), and Marcia Brady-Logan (Maureen McCormick). Ann B. Davis (center) reprised her role as Alice for the series.

About the series[]

A TV reunion movie called The Brady Girls Get Married was produced in 1981. TV Guide indicated the movie would be shown in one evening, but at the last minute NBC divided it into half-hour segments and showed one part a week for three weeks, and the fourth week debuted a spin-off sitcom, titled The Brady Brides. The reunion movie featured the entire original cast; this would prove to be the only time the entire cast worked together on a single project following the cancellation of the original series. The movie's opening credits featured the season-one "Grid" and theme song, with the addition of the "Brady Girls Get Married" title.[1] The movie shows what the characters had been doing since the original series ended: Mike is still an architect, Carol is a real-estate agent, Marcia is a fashion designer, Jan is also an architect, Greg is a doctor, Peter is in the Air Force, Bobby and Cindy are in college, and Alice has married Sam. Eventually they all reunite for Marcia and Jan's double wedding.

The Brady Brides series features Maureen McCormick (Marcia) and Eve Plumb (Jan) in regular roles. The series begins with Marcia, Jan, and their new husbands buying a house and living together. The clashes between Jan's uptight husband, Phillip Covington III (a college professor in science who is several years older than Jan, played by Ron Kuhlman), and Marcia's slovenly husband, Wally Logan (a fun-loving salesman for a large toy company, played by Jerry Houser), were the pivot on which many of the stories were based, not unlike The Odd Couple. Ten episodes were aired before the sitcom was cancelled. This was the only Brady show in sitcom form to be filmed in front of a live studio audience. Bob Eubanks guest-starred as himself in an episode where the two couples appear on The Newlywed Game.

Throughout the late 1980s and '90s, The Brady Girls Get Married, was rerun on various networks in its original full-length movie format.

Episode titles[]

Title Original Airdate
1 "The Brady Girls Get Married (Part 1)" February 6, 1981
2 "The Brady Girls Get Married (Part 2)" February 13, 1981
3 "The Brady Girls Get Married (Part 3)" February 20, 1981
4 "Living Together" March 6, 1981
5 "Gorilla of My Dreams" March 13, 1981
6 "The Newlywed Game" March 20, 1981
7 "The Mom Who Came to Dinner" March 27, 1981
8 "The Siege" April 3, 1981
9 "Cool Hand Phil" April 10, 1981
10 "A Pretty Boy Is Like a Melody" April 17, 1981