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The Brady Bunch (Dell) 1 is an issue of the series of comic books from Dell Comics. The issue date is February 1970 and the cover price is fifteen cents.


Sunday Funday[]

Summary: Mike gets upset when the kids disturb his attempt to sleep in on his day off. Greg thinks they should do something nice to make him happy again and Bobby suggests breakfast in bed. Marcia cooks stewed tomatoes, the only dish she knows. Bobby retrieves the morning newspaper, but a stray dog knocks it from his hands and into the lawn sprinkler. He puts it back together, brings it in the house, and puts it in the oven to dry. Jan makes toast. Peter makes coffee, black, really black. Cindy makes potato juice since they are out of oranges. The tomatoes stew down to a rubbery glop, and both the toast and the newspaper burn. The next Sunday, Mike wakes early and takes the whole family out for breakfast.

T.V. or Not T. V.[]

Summary: The kids argue over what to watch on television until Alice can't take it anymore. When Mike comes home he asks them what's wrong and the argument begins again. Carol arrives and it starts once more. She thinks they should buy another set, but Mike says they can't afford it. Carol, Alice, and the children hatch a plot to always be watching so Mike can't watch the news. He finally relents and buys a new set, but with nine people sharing, it still isn't enough.

Be Prepared[]

Summary: Carol accidentally schedules meetings of Greg's Boy Scout troop, Marcia's Girl Scouts, Peter's Cub Scouts, Jan's Brownies, Bobby's Indian Guides, and a birthday party for Cindy at their house all on the same afternoon. She can't reach Mike on the phone, so must deal with the houseful by herself. When they all finally leave, she is anxious to spend some time alone with Mike, but he brings home some fellows from the office for dinner.


Summary: Thinking that six kids are too much work for their parents, the boys decide to run away to Texas, pack their things, and head to the bus station. Meanwhile, unaware of their brothers' decision, the girls come to the same conclusion and go there too. Each trio tries to buy tickets, the boys to cowboy country, the girls to San Francisco and New York City. The ticket agent suspects each group is running away, so he stalls them to give them time to think about it. After a while, they all decide to return home and tell their parents, and on the way out, they are surprised to meet each other. Back home, Carol reassures them that they wouldn't be a burden even if there were a dozen of them, but Mike's not so sure about that.