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The Brady Bunch (Dell) 2 is an issue of the series of comic books from Dell Comics. The issue date is May 1970 and the cover price is fifteen cents.


Music... Music?[]

Summary: Alice thinks her vacuum swallowed a cat, but it's just the kids listening to music. Marcia comes home with news that Benjamin will be performing a concert in town. They all beg their parents to go. After some thought, Mike and Carol agree. When it's time to go, Mike and Carol dress in their own teen concert clothes from the 50s as a prank. It does embarrass their children, but they assure them they won't even get out of the car and will be dressed normal when they pick them up afterwards. As the kids run to enjoy the concert, they return home to Alice and relax with their own music, The Lawrence Welk Show.

Home Sweet Home[]

Summary: The family packs an immense amount of belongings in the station wagon to go on a picnic. After jamming in nine people and a dog, Carol remembers she left the stove on, then something pokes Mike and gives him a black eye, then Bobby has to go to the bathroom. When they're finally ready to depart, a tire pops, and Mike has to unpack everything to reach the spare tire, so Carol and Alice set up the picnic on their lawn.

What's Got 12 Feet and No Shoes?[]

Summary: All the kids' shoes wear out at the same time. Mike is frustrated at all the bills, but Carol needs a new pair too, so he agrees. She takes them downtown early the next morning to beat the crowds. The shoe salesman sees them coming and rushes to lock up his shop, but not in time. He calls his wife to say he'll be late for dinner. Many boxes of shoes later he finds some for everyone. The kids go home and change into their play clothes, and all of them have holes in their pants.

Fair Is Fair[]

Summary: The boys have a hard time learning to share with the girls and vice versa. They cut the treehouse in half, disassemble bikes for half the parts, divide collections and allowances, and cut toys in half.