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Season 2 (1970–1971)[]

24 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
26 September 25, 1970 026 The Dropout Greg's ego runs amok after a compliment from professional baseball player Don Drysdale, so much so that the eldest Brady boy vows to dedicate his whole being to the sport. Mike decides to re-invite Drysdale over to talk about the drawbacks of life on the road, making sure Greg overhears the conversation - but it only convinces him more that he's the next big thing. It takes a 12-run shelling in his Pony League game (and plenty of humiliation by his brothers) to knock Greg into reality.
  • Guest starDon Drysdale.
27 October 2, 1970 028 The Babysitters Greg and Marcia are left home alone with the younger children for the very first of quite a few times while Mike and Carol attempt to enjoy an evening out while Alice is helping her boyfriend Sam redecorate his house.
28 October 9, 1970 031 The Slumber Caper Marcia hosts a slumber party in the Bradys' home, but it could be put on permanent hold when she is accused of drawing a derogatory picture of one of her teachers in class. The principal gives Marcia detention for a week. After hearing her side of the story, Mike and Carol stand behind their daughter and decide that the party is on, even though Marcia still has to attend detention at school. Marcia becomes convinced that one of her friends, Jenny, was the guilty party and decides to disinvite her. Greg and his brothers conspire to disrupt the party with a series of childish pranks, but most of their antics don't work. The boys finally succeed in causing a ruckus when they place itching powder in the girls' sleeping bags. While the girls clean up, Paula, another of Marcia's friends, admits she took her scrawling and placed the insulting caption beneath it. Marcia is embarrassed and decides she needs to re-invite Jenny to the party.

29 October 16, 1970 030 The Un-Underground Movie Greg films a documentary on the First Thanksgiving, starring the Bradys, for a class project.
30 October 23, 1970 027 Going, Going ..... Steady Marcia's new boyfriend, Harvey Klinger, is a nerdy insect collector. The whole situation seems harmless enough; nevertheless, Mike and Carol feel uneasy about their oldest daughter starting to "go steady".
31 October 30, 1970 034 Call Me Irresponsible Greg, saving money for a car, wins - then loses - then gets back - his first job as a gofer for Mike's architectural firm. Although this job is not mentioned for a long while and he does get a job at Sam's butcher shop the next year, two years later on another episode, "Career Fever", it's mentioned that Greg still works for Mike's firm in the summers.
32 November 6, 1970 029 The Treasure of Sierra Avenue The boys discover a wallet containing $1,100 in a vacant lot and are told by Mike and Carol that they must turn it in to the police. In the process, the boys learn that honesty and integrity are more important in life than "finders keepers".

  • Guest starVictor Kilian
33 November 13, 1970 036 A Fistful of Reasons A bully named Buddy Hinton taunts Cindy because of her lisp ("Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder you can walk"), leading Peter to stick up for his youngest sister, which in turn leads him to getting punched in the face, and getting a black eye. The family tries to convince Peter to try to talk some sense in Buddy, but he's only interested in fighting. When Mike and Carol are unable to get anywhere with Buddy's parents, they tell Peter that he may need to fight to stick up for Cindy.
  • Guest stars: Russell Schulman, Paul Sorensen and Ceil Cabot
  • NoteEve Plumb does not appear in this episode.
34 November 20, 1970 039 The Not So Ugly Duckling Jan makes up a boyfriend, George Glass, when her crush on an actual classmate is unrequited.
35 December 4, 1970 033 The Tattletale Cindy's tattling annoys her siblings and parents. In the subplot, Alice enters a jingle contest and wins a stereo system, which gets placed in the family room.
  • Note #1Christopher Knight does not appear in this episode.
  • Note #2: The first record the Bradys acquire is Best of Gilbert & Sullivan.
  • Note #3: One of two episodes Susan Olsen (understandably) hates.
36 December 11, 1970 037 What Goes Up... After a fall, Bobby becomes scared of heights. Mike, Carol, and the Bradys then set about working to help him overcome this new problem.

  • Note #1Maureen McCormick does not appear in this episode.
  • Note #2: This episode marks the final appearance of Tiger, the family's dog (although he is later seen in "The Impractical Joker", this is his final appearance in terms of production order).
  • Blooper:: Greg calls Jan by her real name (Eve) in the trampoline scene
37 December 18, 1970 032 Confessions, Confessions Peter fears he will be grounded and not be allowed to go on a scout camping trip after disobeying Carol's admonition, "don't play ball in the house", and breaks his mother's favorite vase. The other kids confess to doing it and as a result Peter must decide their punishments. In the end, Peter confesses and he, himself, decides as a punishment that he should not be allowed to go on the camping trip.
38 January 1, 1971 035 The Impractical Joker Jan sets loose Greg's science project mouse Myron, after he and his brothers decide to take Myron's cage in at night for fear of the neighbors' cat trying to eat it. Jan decides to hide Myron in the girls' clothing hamper, but Myron chews his way out, and runs about the house undetected until Alice sees him running through the kitchen the next day. She calls the exterminator, and by the time the Brady brothers and Jan learn of the news, they give up looking, thinking he made his way under the house where the exterminator had been spraying and had died. The whole family later finds out that Myron is alive, and is, in fact, in Tiger's doghouse, which is why Tiger had been barking and howling. The episode ends with Alice thinking Jan played another joke by putting an ink stain on one of her aprons, but she quickly discovers she actually had a pen in her apron pocket.

  • NoteBarry Williams' book, Growing Up Brady, includes a letter from Robert Reed to Sherwood Schwartz critical of a closing gag wherein Alice is fooled by an ink spot on one of her aprons. This is the final appearance of Tiger (The Bradys' Dog).
39 January 8, 1971 042 Where There's Smoke While at high school with some friends, Greg experiments with smoking. Greg confesses when his parents find out and warn him about the dangers of cigarettes. Meanwhile, Greg and his friend, Tommy, are forming a rock band, The Banana Convention. One day when he comes home from school, Greg takes off his jacket and a pack of cigarettes falls out. Tommy's mother, who is working with Carol on an anti-smoking campaign as part of a PTA project, refuses to believe Greg when he insists the cigarettes weren't his and decides to kick Carol off the committee when she stands behind her son. Eventually, Alice realizes that Greg came home with the wrong jacket; his coat's lining was torn, but the one he wore had one that was intact. Greg realizes that the coat — and thus, the cigarettes — belonged to Tommy. Tommy comes over to get his jacket and realizes that Greg knows about the cigarettes. He tries to not make a big deal about it, but when his mother comes in to see what the hold up is about, Tommy has to admit the truth. His embarrassed mother apologizes to Carol and then (presumably) deals with Tommy.
  • Guest starsCraig Hundley & Marie Denn
  • Note: This marked the first episode Greg plays the guitar. He also sings "Til I Met You", a song Barry Williams co-wrote.
40 January 15, 1971 043 Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up? Jan, believing that brunettes have more fun than blondes, invests in a wig to stand out at a party, and the whole thing turns out to be a fiasco as the partygoers ridicule her new look. Peter's reluctance to attend this party is the subplot.

41 January 22, 1971 041 The Drummer Boy Musical stories abound: Peter is relentlessly teased because he plays football and sings for the glee club; and Bobby is horribly untalented as a drummer. However, when Peter (Christopher Knight)'s friends tell him that singing is for girls, soon he quits the glee club and learns that even boys can sing.
  • Guest starDeacon Jones.
42 January 29, 1971 038 Coming Out Party Mike's boss invites his family for an outing on his boat, but it gets delayed when Carol and Cindy have tonsillitis.
43 February 5, 1971 044 Our Son, the Man Greg tries too hard to act like an older teenager: he wants his own room and — in trying to pick up an older girl — tries acting too mature for his age at school. He gets Mike's den as a room since the attic is too small. Greg refuses to participate in family activities such as planning the annual family camping trip. However, Greg realizes that — after the older girl isn't interested, and realizing he isn't happy in his new room — he decides that he still has a lot of growing up to do and: 1. moves back into his brothers' room; and 2. goes on the camping trip.

  • Guest starChris Beaumont (This is his first of four appearances on the show)
  • Note: In this episode, Mike tells Carol that that the attic would be suitable for Greg only if he were two feet tall. However, in later episodes (including the entire fifth season), Greg moves into the attic and it is full-sized.
44 February 12, 1971 045 The Liberation of Marcia Brady At school, Marcia is approached by a television reporter doing a story on the women's liberation movement. Marcia believes that women are equal to men in many respects and deserve equal treatment. Greg watches the news report and tries to rebut his sister's comments. Marcia decides to make a point by declaring she's joining the Frontier Scouts, to prove she is more than equal to the initiation tasks. Greg decides to get even by enlisting Peter to join her Sunflower Girls. While Peter's attempt to sell cookies wilts under his gross embarrassment, Marcia proves she is more than well-suited to join the Frontier Scouts by passing all the tests. In the end, she decides not to join after all; she just wanted to make her point known.
45 February 19, 1971 046 Lights Out Cindy develops a fear of the dark after seeing a magician's "disappearing lady" act at a party. Peter helps Cindy deal with her fear by asking her to be his assistant for a magic act at his school's upcoming talent show. The whole thing is nearly undermined when Bobby plays a cruel joke on his sister, but Cindy shows courage when she learns that Peter's new assistant, Jan, hurt herself in gym class.
46 February 26, 1971 047 The Winner Bobby's self-eteem is at an all-time low because he can't seem to win a first-place award.

  • Guest starHal Smith (as Cartoon King)
  • Blooper: Mike, Carol and Bobby leave for the TV studio in the blue convertible and return home in the brown station wagon.
47 March 5, 1971 048 Double Parked The family campaigns to save their favorite park, which may be the site of a new courthouse Mike is designing.

  • Guest starJackie Coogan.
48 March 13, 1971 049 Alice's September Song Alice's dashing former sweetheart wants to rekindle their romance, but only so he can defraud her.
  • Guest starSteve Dunne.
49 March 20, 1971 040 Tell it Like it Is Carol is invited to tell her family's story for a women's magazine.

  • Guest starRichard Simmons.

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