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Season 3 (1971–1972)Edit[]

23 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
50 September 17, 1971 050 Ghost Town U.S.A. The family begins their third annual camping trip (the tradition would end this season). This year the trip would be to the Grand Canyon, and visits aghost town. A demented prospector, who is convinced that the Bradys are out to jump his non-existent gold claim, locks them in the old jail while he steals their car.
  • Guest starJim Backus.
  • Guest star: Hoke Howell: as the Gas Station Attendant (Hoke Howell played the original Dud Walsh on The Andy Griffith Show)[1]
  • Note: Part 1 of a three-part episode, filmed on location at the Grand Canyon.
51 September 24, 1971 051 Grand Canyon or Bust The family, having escaped from jail, begins efforts to call for help – by starting a huge signal fire. Just then, the prospector returns, Mike and Peter in the car with him, as Mike has convinced the old man that his family is no threat to his fictitious gold claim. They leave the ghost town and arrive at the Grand Canyon. While there, Bobby and Cindy get lost after running after aNative American boy who eludes them.
  • Guest starJim Backus.
  • Note: Part 2 of a three-part episode, filmed on location at the Grand Canyon.
52 October 1, 1971 052 The Brady Braves Mike comes to the aid of a runaway Native American boy, Jimmy, who believes his grandfather would scoff at the idea of Jimmy someday becoming an astronaut. The Bradys wind up their Grand Canyon vacation by participating in a ceremony making them honorary members of his tribe.
  • Guest starJay Silverheels.
  • Note: Part 3 of a three-part episode, filmed on location at the Grand Canyon.
53 October 8, 1971 054 The Wheeler Dealer Greg gets his driver's license and buys his first car from a slick-talking friend. But all the restoration in the world can't change the fact the car is a lemon.The car was a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible
54 October 15, 1971 058 My Sister, Benedict Arnold Greg is furious that Marcia is dating his rival, Warren, who has beaten him out for class president and a spot on the first-string basketball team. Although Warren is a very nice fellow, Marcia simply doesn't have any "sparks" for him and decides to part ways with the boy. However, Greg warns Marcia she will never see Warren again, or else. In spite, Marcia decides to resume her relationship, prompting Greg to ask out a girl that's at the bottom of Marcia's list, even though Greg would rather date other girls. In the end, Mike and Carol counsel their oldest children about using their dating partners to annoy each other. In the sub-plot, the Bradys are busy building a "dunk tank" for the carnival at another school the younger Bradys attend.
55 October 22, 1971 055 The Personality Kid The "porkchops and applesauce" episode. At a party, Peter was told he has no personality. Rather than admit he simply had a bad time at a dull party, he tries to create a new personality. He forces several different personas - including his infamous impersonation of Humphrey Bogart in describing the family's dinner menu, but none of them go over well. Later, he buys a joke book, but when he tries them out at his party, he finds everyone knows the punchlines. Just as he's trying to keep his party afloat, Bobby and Cindy (who in the subplot were on a safety campaign) call a surprise fire drill, forcing everyone to flee the house.
56 October 29, 1971 053 Juliet is the Sun Marcia is given the lead female role in her school's production of "Romeo and Juliet," and doubts she's suitable for the role. After all the Bradys encourage her, Marcia's ego grows wild and unmanageable. She becomes so verbally abusive to others that she is eventually dismissed from the play. Marcia's crushed, but then offers to take a smaller role (Juliet's mother - Lady Capulet) when that actress falls ill.
57 November 5, 1971 060 And Now a Word From Our Sponsor The Bradys are hired by a hip director, Skip Farnum, to star in a new television commercial for a laundry detergent, a competitor to the brand that's currently in their laundry room. After a comparison test, the new detergent is found to be superior and the family agrees to star in the commercial. However, the family has been taking advice from acting teacher Myrna Carter (an acquaintance of the Bradys who insists that her first name is pronounced "Meer-na"), and the end result has their style being forced. Skip is appalled at what he sees and fires the Bradys. On his way out of the house, Skip remarks on how the Bradys' acting methods remind him of an actress who "was terrible:" Myrna Carter.
  • Guest starPaul Winchell.
  • NoteRobert Reed did not find this episode particularly comfortable, mainly because of the script and characters. As a result, he resorted to writing a letter of complaint to Sherwood Schwartz on the matter.
58 November 12, 1971 059 The Private Ear Using his father's tape recorder, Peter eavesdrops on his siblings' conversations. After Mike counsels Peter on his behavior and considers the matter settled, Greg and Marcia decide to take matters into their own hands.
59 November 19, 1971 056 Her Sister's Shadow Jan frets (the classic "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia") when her teachers constantly compare her to her older sibling.
60 November 26, 1971 061 Click! Greg, a new member of the Westdale High School football team, takes an interest in photography. He develops self-pity when he becomes injured in ascrimmage.
61 December 10, 1971 064 Getting Davy Jones Marcia, president of her school's Davy Jonesfan club, hastily promises she can get the former Monkee to sing at her school's upcoming dance. Her boast results in her having to scramble to get the singer to actually agree to appear.
62 December 24, 1971 062 The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses Jan's failing grades and unintentionally taking someone else's bicycle leads to her getting glasses. She balks at wearing them, which leads to her causing an accident that damages a portrait of the kids (which Mike intended as an anniversary present for Carol).
63 December 31, 1971 057 The Teeter-Totter Caper When they are not invited to Carol's cousin's wedding (the planning which is the subplot) and asked to stay out of the way of their older siblings' activities, Bobby and Cindy decide to show how "important" they are ... by setting a world's record for most hours on a seesaw. The two even get newspaper coverage for their attempt, which winds up ill-fated. However, the older Brady siblings realize that attention-craving Bobby (Mike Lookinland) and Cindy (Susan Olsen) indeed have their place in the family and are worthy of respect.
64 January 7, 1972 063 Big Little Man Bobby is self-conscious about his diminutive height. An well-intentioned but ill-advised attempt by his sisters to get Bobby to think he's growing doesn't help matters, but the littlest Brady soon puts his small stature to use when he locks himself and Greg in Sam's meat locker. In the subplot, Greg gets a job at Sam's Butcher Shop to save up for a surfboard in the world.
65 January 14, 1972 065 Dough Re Mi Greg forms a family singing group with his siblings, just as Peter's voice enters puberty. Songs "We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter" and "Time to Change" are featured.
66 January 21, 1972 067 Jan's Aunt Jenny Jan worries about her future appearance when Carol's aunt Jenny - who looked like Jan as a child - comes to visit. In the subplot, Mike fixes an old phonograph discovered after cleaning out the attic (where Aunt Jenny's picture was actually found as well).
67 January 28, 1972 066 The Big Bet Greg comments to a pesky Bobby that he can do twice as many chin-ups as he can. Greg didn't mean anything by it, but Bobby demands his older brother to put up or shut up. Greg tries to brush him off, but when Bobby tells him he's serious, Greg decides to go along with it, with the loser acting as the winner's slave for a week. Greg doesn't take the bet seriously while Bobby does, and Bobby wins. Bobby soon turns into a tyrant, and eventually invites himself along on Greg's date with Rachel. Bobby winds up wrecking the top to Mike's convertible at the drive-in. In the subplot, Carol and Mike attend a high school reunion.
  • Guest Star: Hope Sherwood.
68 February 4, 1972 069 The Power of the Press Peter joins his school newspaper and learns a lesson in flattery when he neglects his studies, does poorly on his science test, and writes a column about his teacher in the hope of improving his grade.
69 February 11, 1972 070 Sergeant Emma When Alice goes away, she invites her identical cousin - a former Army sergeant - to care for the household.
  • NoteMike Brady cussed in this episode, but it was censored out later.
  • NoteAnn B. Davis is in a double role.
70 February 18, 1972 068 Cindy Brady, Lady When she can't do what her older sisters can, Cindy decides to act more mature than her age. Bobby tries to help out by posing as a secret admirer; when Mike wants to expose him, Bobby asks a friend to reveal himself as the admirer.
71 March 3, 1972 072 My Fair Opponent Marcia makes over Molly Webber, a plain-Jane, when Molly is nominated (as a cruel joke) for hostess of her school's Banquet Night ... and regrets it when she must compete against a now-gorgeous Molly.
72 March 10, 1972 071 The Fender Benders Carol is involved in a minor parking-lot accident. After both parties initially agree to pay for their own damages, the other driver later files a lawsuit against Carol, claiming the accident was the result of her reckless driving and that he was injured as a result.