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The Brady House was the residence of the Brady Family.


The boys lived there until Mike Brady married Carol, who moved in with her three girls. During the first year of their marriage, Mike and Carol attempted to sell the house, but the children "haunted" the house so it wouldn't sell.


While interior and driveway shots were on studio sets, exterior shots were of a house at 11222 Dilling Street in Studio City, California.

The Brady kids actors reunited at the house in 2018 when it was renovated for the HGTV show, A Very Brady Renovation.


  • During Season Three, the living room of the Brady home was used as a villain's Hawaiian home in a Season Six episode of Mission: Impossible, "Double Dead"; both shows were produced by Paramount Pictures Television. The set was redressed with tropical plants and the staircase removed. All of the Brady furniture, including the television, remained in its usual place in the Mission: Impossible episode. It was also used in the final season six episode of Mannix "The Danford File". In that episode, a wall was put in the living room to cover up the fireplace. The brick wall was removed in front of the front doors. Along with filming in the living room, which included the staircase, scenes were also filmed on the patio as well.